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Wyrm of Fire

"The hottest being on earth, hiding deep under the surface of the earth, looks apon a creature he hadn't seen for thousands of years. The creature in his hands turns into dust, as all other things do when touched by the Wyrm. The crack to the surface is enormous now, and the lands above are filled with fire and lava. The Wyrm, with the last human in his hand, sees the sun die..."

This wasn't easy! I can tell you that. Lava and fire is so difficult to draw. It had to look livelike and moving. It should not be flat at all! So I tried my best on it.

I really love this drawing. The madness, the heat the darkness. I can really feel it coming out. This is really one of my coolest dragons jet. I hope others find so too.

Anyway It's manly done with Corel painter X, I edited a tiny bit with Ps.

It took me about 35 hours, over two weeks.


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This is amazing! Excellent work, truly.
amazing amazing amazing amazing!!!!!!!!!!
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awesome i really like fire dragons(lava type)
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awesome i really like fire dragons(lava type)
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WOW!!!!! I truely love this! I am drawing a lava dargon too, but your is sooooo waaaay awesomer! Plz giv em suggestions on how to make my pics lok as good as yours! I didn't have alot of time to draw my dragon, but, it's a first...
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i have no idea how to express my feelings of this picture, it's ******* awesome! this is stinking amazing!
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"eldfjall í hraun!!" Great dragon, as always!
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It doesn't look flat at all, he even looks realistic and ready to reach out and grab the viewer of this drawing :omfg: Very nice job.

And the skales for this dragon as well as the wings are amazing! It really looks like a Fire Dragon. I'm impressed.

Nice story and description too. Couldn't have said it better myself or agree more :P
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Is it getting HOT in here or is it just the picture?!

Awesome, hope you don't mind that I use it for a card on I will credit you.
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Wow, I'd say you really got the fire effect goin there!
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Now this is truly my favorite! I LOVE!
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I love it. I really like how you did the fire!!
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It looks kinda like a pyroclastic dragon from DnD . . . . Anyhoo, superb work!
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AWESOME!!!DUDE !!!! THAT IS AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!! ahh..poor humanXD
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thats sick as hell nice job! +fav
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words can't describe...
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WOW this is realy good!!! :D
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