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Published: January 17, 2010
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A few people have been asking me to make Tyranitar. I really like the big pokemon, just like aggron.

Anyway this realistic version, is a combination between a tortoise and a comodo dragon

A cubone is lost in the mountains suddenly a hugh shadow moves over him. He looks around an he sees a hugh tyranitar, he immediately starts running fir his life.

This took me 4 hours in photoshop
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GypsyDragonZephyrHobbyist Digital Artist
oh shit boi RUN CUBONE RUN
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Doesn't Cubone have the type advantage? Also, Poliwrath, Breloom, Scizor, Parasect, Chesnaut, etc >>>>>> Tyranitar and all its pre-evolved forms! I'd ABSOLUTELY LOVE kicking their butts with those pokemon. 
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Noooooooooooooooo leave the little Cubone alone Tyranitar you asshole
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RalanrStudent Writer
Run bone run
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LadyRoseDoffyHobbyist Digital Artist
wow nice
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Devi-TigerHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Run, Cubone!
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No, don't hurt the wittle Cubone! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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Ikari-FangHobbyist General Artist
This is horrifying....
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Yay, my 2 favourite Pokemon in one epic picture!
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Tyranitar! My 2nd favourite Pokemon, just a little behind Alakazam :}
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Many of the most popular pokemon are best portrayed as prehistoric animals. It's a fitting depiction. Good job!
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sajin01Hobbyist General Artist
Hasn't Cubone gone through enough without a Tyranitar chasing him? ;A;

But this is really cool~ I love the shading and atmosphere of the picture~ /o/
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Rosemary-the-SkunkHobbyist Digital Artist
Run Cubone, run!
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CaptainCherrycakesHobbyist General Artist
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LokanathanStudent Artisan Crafter
For some reason I feel like Groundon is going to walk past and squish Tyranitar
Nice depiction of Tyranitar, I think of it as a fat T-rex but this is awesome!
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amazing work i must say
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lokkytaProfessional Digital Artist
i have a question? how i know when i have to put the layer on multiply or in normal?
and were i put the layers like BG, color and line art?
I'm starting using PS and i don't understand it a lot, i use open canvas.
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OmegaZillaHobbyist General Artist
Just great!
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lokkytaProfessional Digital Artist
tyranitar is one of my love xD like this a lot
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OokamiraHobbyist Digital Artist
I lulzed at the Cubone.
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SleepwalkerSerenadeStudent General Artist
Give it some time to evolve, and hand it a bone club the size of, oh say... A CLAYMORE... Then we have an interesting fight to exhibit. I'm thinking a femur of another Tyranitar? Or maybe Groudon. Something massive. Lol.

Great work though! :D I love its pose on the rocks.
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