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The rage of Fire

My second piece done with a tablet and painter.
using the tablet is alot easer than I thought. I'm getting use to it now. Details are easier and the pen doesn't flick away like the mouse all the time.

I put some more effort into the background. As you can see it's a cave.

This is a more classic drawing of a dragon. I changed my style a little. Just to see what effect it will get.

The lighting of the fire was really difficult. I had to redo it lots of times. But it worked out oké I gues.

It took me about 15 hours, I used Coral painter 10.


(C) Dragons Ruth Taylor
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Best fire drawing EvaEva
wierdone16's avatar
waaay frickin' cool!!!
PossumFlavored's avatar
Thats some of the best fire I have seen
KingOfWarz's avatar

strong and powerful!
Monastor's avatar
This style reminds me of Heroes of Might and Magic II
It's different but pretty similar.
Good job! :)
alebat's avatar
so many details. great piece. :clap:
You were going for something really good there. In a way, you've got it.
AreYouExperienced7's avatar
Thats' really cool, I only think that the fire looks odd, & the end of the tunnel is to blurry, there should be a bolder contrast.

Also, this is not a painting.
DarthBen11's avatar
I like the teeth and spikes
Jaws22's avatar
pheras2's avatar
Impressive effects and detail!
RedRodent's avatar
Excellent work! That's beautiful.
Zuurkool's avatar
WOW!! You're as good with this tablet thing as you are with your mouse! another amazing dragon! the background turned out well I think.
89jessica's avatar
A tablet is like a little thing tha tyou hook up to your computer and draw on, right?

How much did yours cost?

Incredible detail, by the way.
Love teh fire. :D
Melody-Hikari's avatar
Awesome! That's so cool!

I want to pet it *_*
MischievousPooka's avatar
Nice detail! Nicely colored too.
overlordofthepies's avatar
All those details look fantastic- I bet those scale must have taken ages. The lighting looks very dramatic and really brings the contours of the face out well. I do rather like the fire effect too.
sonarianu's avatar
Wow! That's amazing! The shading is incredible and I love how you did the background. Nice job!
Daktari92's avatar
Wow! The stylechanging does sure no damage to your pics. The lightning is great, and the dragon looks very lively. Great, just great:D
victortky's avatar
Wow!! So beautifully done! Love the face and the fire!
jinesh777's avatar
it's really good
if you drew had painted the whole dragon including the body and everything then i think it might have looked better
but i like it because he has an expression in his face!
"You Have Expressed The Expression Very Well"
creeperlover's avatar
het is geweldig! je kan heel goed tekenen.
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