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The Dragon of Wisdom

Finally the last dragon the last dragon of the element series. Wisdom! This took me 4 day to make and about 30 hours. Drawing the wings was a hard job.

This old dragon knows everything in the world. He was here on earth before any other dragon. When people want to become wise like this dragon they have to do a quest. When the for fill it. The dragon grants them wisdom.
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                Eye    Eye 
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Featured Here :huggle: Please keep up the good work!
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So detailed wings! amazing!
ZjadaczkaKredek's avatar
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That is the coolest dragon I have ever seen.
TheLOAD's avatar
I love his wings!
Enshohma's avatar
I'm guessing this guy is King Kong size, or bigger?
DarkStatic's avatar
I love the feathers here; they make him(?) look so regal.
Fregatto's avatar
So strong! I love the detais.
Mistress-DarkLoki's avatar
definitely impressed with the wings, the design rox too. love the colors as well. hell, the whole thing is freaking awesome. I'm a major dragon fan so kudos on a job well done.
DraveDragonheart's avatar
a really awsome piece of work that is really beatiful :D
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hold on if he was here before any other dragon, then how was he born
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cool. What is that made with?
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Wow! this is amazing.

It looks like some epic high level card game dragon that would win you the match!!
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Wow! Beautiful! Those wings are amazing!
Ruth-Tay's avatar
Thanks. They were the hardest thing to draw in the entire piece!
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OMG this look amazing! Such a gorgeous dragon! *bows to feet*

Beautiful!! *faves*
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heel erg nice doe je kunstopleiding ??
Ruth-Tay's avatar
Jah. Ik studeer animatie op de kunst acedemie St. Joost.
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oh my GAWD that is so completely....AWESOME.
i love the wings, looks like your hard work paid off. this is truly one of the best dragons i've seen....
:D :heart::heart::heart:
Villa-Chinchilla's avatar
:w00t:This is AMAZING :w00t: WONDERFUL & INSPIRING:w00t:
pIRATebAbY's avatar
My days that is amazing!!! :wow:
The wings are incredible!! The time and sweat and blood was defo worth it ;p
Looks as if s/he is wearing a crown xD
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Thats a good idea what you done here!
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