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The Dragon of Night

This is my character dragon. I finally made him. His name is Mirnah. He's 100m long. He's wings have a width of 120m. He's black/ grey and has glowing marks on him. People often mistake him for a airplain.

The dragon of the night is the brother of the dragon of air. He much kinder than his angry and fierce brother. He protects the people on the ground and glades over the world. Landing only if needed. He looks simple for a dragon, I didn't want him to be too much.

He's sketched on Painter and colored in Ps CS 2. It took me atleast 60 hours over the last two weeks.
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Stupid question:do the dragons still breath fire?
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Holy crap that guy is huge!!!
Wait... I'm just small...:(
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you know what epic means? - it`s this drawing!
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check out my icon to see what i think of it
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he looks amazing!
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this is AWSOME!!!! would you like to enter my shadow the dragon contest?!?! [link]
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Only if the other people who are also entering it can draw dragons in the same level as me and if the prize is fair. I can draw things like this within a few hours now. So it seems unfair to people who spends weeks on drawing something if I entered with something I made quickly.
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the contest is almost over 4 more days i think if u want the final expand thats the last time i can expand the days! on febuary first the contest might end!!!! if ur not done its finaly there you may expand for everyone one more time:) if not you must hurry! if i get more than 10 people done the prize will be a picture of trophies with shadow the dragon at them and a badge or two!!!
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its not to much just a trophy winning award pic i am working very hard on and a badge for the winner:D
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daw awsome* pets the dragon*
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Woah, awesome! I have a dragon character too, but I could never draw her this well. ;w;
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lol look at my new profile pic!
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Awesome dragon added to my faves ;D
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woah looks so woah
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awesome, if he had a human form it would look awesome as well, right?
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I love your Mirnah and Arcon drawings! They're so cool!!
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it epicness to the tenth power
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Can you make a picture of Mirnah and Arcon fighting each other? (request) I'll wait for an answer.
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I've made one years ago, just check my gallery and you will find it.
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Hi there, I am making a strategy/ card game with a fantasy setting for my university.
I was wondering if I can use this image in the project.
Naturally, you will hold all the rights for the image and will be creditted for your work.

Please let me know as soon as possible.
Thanks and keep up the good work.
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