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I felt like doing a seadragon. I haven't done one in a very long time. I really like his design.

This seadragon is a Yerati It's a small seadragon species. It's about 20 meters long. It mainly lives on fish and seaweed. But he eats any living being if he really needs to.

Background is a photo manipulation and brushes. The dragon is digitally painted. And I also used special brush. This took me 6 hours.
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Wow! That is so cool!
LeonopteryxDragon's avatar
I love it! It is purely awesome. Nice job!
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The waves look amazing!! (so does the rest of it:P, they look extra amazing though:))
FairieGoodMother's avatar
:wave:Happy New Year!!! This has been Featured in my All Time Favorites of 2008 Journal. I Hope you have a Fantastic 2009 and keep producing such Beautiful work:glomp:
AbaraisSoulmate's avatar
Breathtaking dragon :)
PIMI1023's avatar
awwwww really cool!!! nice colors , the details rock!! , and a dragon no more to say
Villa-Chinchilla's avatar

This looks so great and mystic and very very special :wow:

Utterly amazing!!! Words can not describe this piece's awesome magnitude of inspiration and absolute creativity!
Draconari-Elwing's avatar
Wow, nice colors and amazing pose..
But,maybe the upper arm muscle has to be a bit thicker? I am not sure, but since it's breast is so massive and the dragon has to swim somehow I think that would be somewhat right.
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That's total badass! I wouldn't like to be in a boat near that Dragon. :)
Very realistic rendering, congrats!
Draconic1's avatar
A force to be reckoned with.
DestinieKirby's avatar
Beautiful dragon design. I love how the water splashes up about him. Good work. :aww:
Chromattix's avatar
A big dragon with an almost Vegetarian appetite :XD: pretty original idea, most would say his diet consists on the biggest, nastiest sea creatures he can find (as well as any unfortunate bystanders on the shore in bad weather lol) The light showing through the thin parts of the wings really makes it! and I like how you do foamy splashes of water...are those parts photomanipped?
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Wow, realy impressive! I love this piece. Definitely a fav! :+fav:
Derfblue's avatar
He looks gorgeous, but his wings/fins feel a bit to short.
PuffyTheDragon's avatar
those waves look so real. amazing piece :+fav:
schikaka's avatar
:O fantastic :]
AnuDawg's avatar
Oh WHOAZ! O_o The detailssssss.... How amazingly done... *speecheless*
matena's avatar
Very nice work, especially on the water! It doesn't matter that it's a photomanipulation and brushes because the figure matches the whole scenery. It is rather realistic. Good job :)
victortky's avatar
excellent details and colours.
chargirl5000's avatar
this came out fantastic!!!
Flyinglizard14's avatar
WOW!!! very nice job!!
diredragon's avatar
Freakin' holy fudge buckets!!! :faint:
BlackWolfTala's avatar
amazing, I love the colors
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