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Potoo Camouflage

Fourth Bird Character piece. A Potoo bird doing his best camouflage by pretending to be a part of a tree branch.It works so well, that this  grumpy whishered owl doesn't even notice his favourite resting place is actually part bird.

Took me 6 hours in Photoshop
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nawwww ^^ i would cuddle both  :3
KrysaVorona's avatar
Haha, their expressions are pure gold! :XD:
LittleKunai's avatar
:lmao: he looks so worried.
Emlis's avatar
Those faces are wonderful!
AimForrest's avatar
Haha, so funny and cute!
Cianna200's avatar
Is it wrong to find them hilarious looking?
Annaria17's avatar
Hehehe i love this!!
Vyrilien's avatar
Man, potoo's freak me out someting awful (our zoo has one), but this one is beyond cute I can't help but love it <3
LittleKunai's avatar
That is so funny. He looks so worried
mylesillustration's avatar
These characters are great!
SnowInHades's avatar
Hahaha. That's so well done :la:
RealTimeBrush's avatar
Brilliant work and very cool characters
Spiritomb1231's avatar
Dat face is priceless. XD
Carl-McIntyre's avatar
Lhobs's avatar
ODSTshane this looks like you lol
ODSTshane's avatar
Lhobs, what the hell?

Also to the creator, awesome work, this is an amazing piece.
Popotita's avatar
lol that's an amazing job
BlueRavenfire's avatar
lol XD awesome pic. i love their expressions.
ArwingPilot114's avatar
XD HAHAHAHAAA I can't stop laughing at that Potoo bird's face. XD It's so perfect! XD 

Amazing job by the way at coloring their feathers. :) 
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