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I´m not that brilliant in horses so I used a reference. It is this stock image: [link] of :iconulvar-stock:

Anyway It's not a photomanip though! I sketched it, by looking at the reference. The wings and background are all created by me.

It was a lot of work to do the wings and the horses face!

Anyway Enjoy this beautiful beast!
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first of all this is a wonderful piece of art but i must point out somethings i think the hooves are alittle to small to hold it's weight i live with horses and i know their build and i think the bridge of the nose i think it should be alittle dipped but other then those two little things GREAT WORK as normal i LOVE THE WINGS the tail and mane

keep up the good work and i can't wait to see more from you ok ^^
see ya for now let me know if you want me to Critic more of your work ^^

your friend
Jackie c.
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impressive wings!
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The wings though! Creepy Flail  Love it
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I love this pegasus!
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I saw this in a puzzle maker that I got on my phone. Beautiful artwork.
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What? really? but I never gave permission to get this made into a puzzle, could you please tell me which app this is, so I can contact them? Thanks for the comment though
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I don't know the application's name, since Mom was a butt and deleted it from my phone. But I'll try and find it.
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wow, very beautiful =D
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Someone has stolen this from you. Linky: [link]
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wow,the wings are awesome =D
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Great work, I really like how you drew the wings!
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omg this very good love it!
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Beautiful work <3
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Bravo on a beautiful piece of work!
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you still did a beautiful job!
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OMG!!!! There are no words to express how wonderful I think this is!!!!
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very nice detale looks great
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