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Lion Warrior

Second commission for :iconarchimages:

This is a another creature for the bestiary of Ventura the RPG.

This took me a lot more time than the baboon. Arvalis told me I had to work more on the armor. So i did And I really like how this came out!

More of these creatures are coming.
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Reminds me of my brother as this would be his anthro persona well done
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Hi Ruth

My name is Jackie 

wow i'm impressed by your work!

i was wondering if you might be interested in a contest about "animal warrior illustration”

If you are interested in character designing, here’s your chance to win the prize!!

feel free to check out my page

the link is on it:)

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so fantastic lion pls draw more of them 
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Very awesome work.  :)
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After seeing this I would like to commission you for some custom work I want for a project. I realize your busy now, but if you have a chance let me know and maybe we can go over some details.
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Very very nice work =)
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coll btw cool gallery
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sweet dual blades
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For the most part I like the armor - I have to say, I don't really care for the skull (it doesn't really seem to fit with this character), but the art is very nicely done.
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Excellent work!
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Wow Seems Very Cool
It Has Excellent Details!
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Heh, If only Aslan was like this, Narnia wouldn`t have needed the Pevensies.
elearu-hiru-firetail's avatar
Naaa ya tink really aslan would deal more damage on his own than all the pevensies and their armies combined
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the armor is much better now,it has much more detail
well done :)
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Yeah the armor looks much much better here. How many more of these are you doing?
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I have to do 5 more . But I might have t make more because the guy was thinking of turning me to the main artist for the RPG. I just have to see. But I really love drawing these creatures. I needed to get a break after drawing dragons all the time.
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