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I love doing water creatures at the moment!

When I was lying in bed last night I could get this guy out of my head. I needed to draw his concept for leviathan. King of the fish. I wanted to make him whale-like because whales are magnificent creatures and there huge. And they also look acient. I wanted to make the Leviathan a calm creature. He has an eal-like body with a whales head and flippers.

This took me about 6 hours to draw. I'm getting faster.
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DaveSheepek's avatar
looks awesome 8-)

wanna ride on him =D :happybounce: ^^
Midway2009's avatar
It looks awesome. :jawdrop:
SpongebobMo's avatar
Much whale.So spooky.So awesome.Much amaze. 
ColdBlod23's avatar
A very old pick that i love alot X3
C-blaze21's avatar
What an impressive beast!!!!!!!!!!!
sin-and-love's avatar
and a Crocodile's mouth, apparently.
Cm25's avatar
Looks almost like a cross between a crocodile and a whale. Really good job with this beastie!
kevintheradioguy's avatar
Is it the commercial one? Because I swear that the new ArcheAge expansion has this very same leviathan on the cover, just with multiple eyes and some glowing.
Ruth-Tay's avatar
No personal work, Can you link me to that image please?
kevintheradioguy's avatar
I've my account blocked till the end of next week or so since I've accidentally deleted the email, so I could find only this part of the loading screen image in a local community so far

In fact, I was looking for an artist who drew the leviathan for the game when I stumbled across you. Thought it was a remake of an old painting or something.
Ruth-Tay's avatar
The design looks simelar, but it's not mine ;p I think this one looks even cooler than mine does. Hmmm maybe I should do a redesign myself as my own image is a few years old already
RoboBecky2's avatar
Just a question. Please don't hate do you get some of the names of them out of Age of Mythology?
I used this pic to describe a leviathan in my new novel ;) thanks
Internet-Illusion's avatar
I want to ask how long that thing is, but I'm afraid of the answer.
Ruth-Tay's avatar
Its huge! maybe a few hundred meters
Tsuzurao-s-Art's avatar
Meters????? I'll say a few hundred kilometers! XD
pasydon's avatar
Hello If I may ask may I use this for my guild logo? If not I will respect that. Other then that AMAZING PICTURE :D
Bracey100's avatar
Very nicely done! Youve made him look very regal in his own way.
KaijuDuke's avatar
Incredible work!
SydSilco's avatar
Very dynamic.
Myuutsuu85's avatar
pretty sweet. Good work
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