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Quick drawing of the new Ice dragon Kyurem.

Added a realitic touch to it.

2 hours Photoshop
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Very cool, no pun intended ;) I love the arms on this.
Hypnotunez's avatar
Wow just wow

You could make an arceus just a suggestion
Ruth-Tay's avatar
Maybe somewhere in the future
Hypnotunez's avatar
Thanks for replying^^
YakkoWarner20's avatar
Look at this while having Crash Twinsainty's Vs. Uka Uka playing!
COOL.could you make Piplup-Prinplup-Empoleon artwork?
4c1d-R41n's avatar
Somehow you've made Kyurem look really cool. O:
I love your artstyle by the way! :heart:
Tsuki222's avatar
Unovart's avatar
Wow, this is amazing! :faint: Awesome work!
Litachu's avatar
you made an ugly pokeon look awesome (in MY OPINION kyurem is a pretty ugly pokemon for the majestic dragon type)
mangafa20's avatar
Wow its very great. I love Kyurem he is a very cool ice dragon pokemon.
ElecRei's avatar
You just made one of my favorite pokemon so much more awesome. I love the realistic touch you gave Kyurem without going overboard, truly an epic piece of artwork.
HoOhLugia's avatar
Wow!Thats really awesome! :nuu:
BlackWolfStar15's avatar
Love the way it came out. Looks like those two hours really paid off.
Slashser's avatar
Awesme! I always thought that was a fakemon!
VictorInfinityF's avatar
awesome work, 2 hours?!?!?!

you have many practique, congratulations, you are a Mega Boss xD
ll-Bisto-ll's avatar
cool! if they make the third game with Kyurem-complete-armor-version it should look like this!!
Argnarock's avatar
Go Kyurem! Ice/Dragon ftw!
KyuremGirl's avatar
Wows... coolio....
Elitezz's avatar
thats so good
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