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Ice Dragon

This started with one of my sketches out of my dummy. Just fancied coloring this guy.
Ice is pretty easy to draw. This took me only 3 hours.

Its an Ice dragon. You can only see these dragons at very cold places. Like the north and south pole and high mountain areas.
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Hello! I'm writing an article about Ice Dragons (as found in the works of George R.R. Martin) for May I please use your artwork (with all credit to you) within my piece?
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Great concept, I look at it and I think, Brrrr! Impressive work.
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Amazing! Which colors, what pallete, what formation! Just gorgeous!
*sory for my bad english:iconfacepalmplz:*
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This is so good I wish. Was that good 
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It looks amazing! Great work!
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really cool!! i love the ice style and snow
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hi youve been featured :) [link]
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This looks might fantastic! I love how well done this is.
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Hello, do you mind if i use this Deviation for my Story?
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You can, but you cannot submit it to your gallery. Can only submit it in this way [link]

You have to credit me and ad a link to make DA page. And send me a link of you work every time you use my drawing.
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Hmmm, it was a lot easier to Submit it into the Gallery, but give you the credit. Im knew onto the Deviant Art world, and don't know much of what you said.
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Hum, I'm sorry to say this, but I think someone stole it again.. Unless you gave him/her the permission..?
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Thanks for letting me know. I reported it.
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hello there. i thought i should let you know that someone stole this lovely picture from you and is claiming they made it
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Thanks for letting me know. I reported it
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no problem, this guy stole all those artwork on his gallery
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O MY GOOOD!!! Is awsome!
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ONLY 3 hours?`d take me ages to draw anything close to this.....
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i love it it's cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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wow. absolutely incredible. (:
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