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Haven't done pokemon for a while now. I've been pretty busy with work and other projects.

I always have Gyarados in my team, He strong and has some great attacks.
Anyway its based on Prehistoric fish like the Dunkleoteus and The longest fish the oarfish. Took me about 20 hours

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he one of my favourite water Pokemon just a badass
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Nicely done! Gyarados is almost always on my team too. 
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That obviously amazing Dunkleosteus reference ;)
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Woaw, that's one big fish!
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Wow amazing. I'm sure all the Magikarp in that water are pissed lol
This is the most realistic gyarados Ive ever seen.
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wow...easily the best rendition of Gyarados on DA
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I really like how this and the Magikarp picture have a similar style and perspective. They work nicely as partner pieces.
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I love it, it's awesome!
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wow this is just stunning!
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cool............................:i love it.................!!!!…
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Magnificent and intimidating.
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Holy! That's amazing!!! That's more than just amazing!!!
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Gyarados: "Oh hai gais!"
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This is intense! Love it :)
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Gyrados: I'M COMING FOR YOU!!! >:D
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Wow.. I'm jelly...
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This is damn awsome!!
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