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Dragon of spirits

This is one of my favorites. I´ve sketched and doodled this guy for about a year. And as this is one of the last dragons of my element series. I only need to draw The dragon of wisdom.

The dragon of spirits brings the dead to underworld. He protects their graves from evil, so they may rest in peace. He works for death himself. This dragon is very peacefull and calm. He doesn´t have any mass, meaning that he is weightless. Just like a ghost.

20 hours work on PS.
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Amazing.This look is Really amazing.
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Bäm! just cool! ;)
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Dragons of Spirits long outlived their poor noisy giant kin by being silent and tricksy. 
Ientina1234's avatar
Oh My God.... IS SO AMAZING!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!
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Cool look in' Dragon
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   Tard Spaz  That is SOO cool!!!
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Hellfiresoldier917's avatar
good lord.....the feelings of awe and horror
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Very kool! Reminds me more of a Lich dragon(is that the thing? idk,bad memory) eitherway,this is very deliciously beautiful! Keep it up!
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this brings me joy.
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Out bloody standing!
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that is so cool i love its big claws awesome!
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Cool art!
Just stunning.
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omg :o i love this, do you mind if a actually draw this and put it on my wall? im inlove with him <3
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I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
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I could stare at this picture all day. It is without a doubt the best skeletal dragon I have ever seen ever.
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freak and cool!
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My gosh, this is horrifying. Like something right out of a ghost story...
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