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Dragon Lord

Fancied trying a new coloring style out on this dragon. By working more with shapes than with lines.

This took me about 8 hours in Photoshop.

Haven't given this guy name yet, He's a mighty dragon.

If anybody comes up with a cool name for him, he''ll be called that
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It means king highest. Due to it being a dragon 'lord' and the fact that dragons fly. c:
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Haha, I love the face. It's damn close to human while differing enough to be uncanny. Especially on that traditional dragon body.
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Thanks, I tried to give it a more filmlike look.
How about Ootharg, I come up with weird names sometimes
Creepypasta-Fan's avatar
He kinda reminds me of Alduin from Skyrim.
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You could call him "Gewaltig Drachen" which is German for Enormous Dragon. Or just call him Gewaltig. German is a very powerful and strong language.
Ruth-Tay's avatar
Nah, I dunno I'm dutch and the language is very similar to german. For me it just sounds a bit weird. It would have been "geweldige draak" in dutch Which means Awesome Dragon.
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German language, ich gutt.
Dur den Souveranen Imperium! Heil Ehre!
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Yīgè qiángdà, Mighty One in Traditional Chinese, Or you could call him Azuran, a name that combined Azure, his color, and run, the first thing you do when you see him.
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"Yīgè qiángdà, Mighty One"

That means "A mighty" in Chinese, not "Mighty one". :P
THEgassner's avatar
sorry google translate is crap. it's still a good name
xXProwlXx's avatar
First name that came to mind when I saw this fella :)
But this is awesome and the coloring style is working well ;) But I'd also watch the neck it looks a bit skinny, but that could be simply cuz of the angle and position. But I really like this fella he is absolutely wonderful!
phoenixdragongod's avatar
Daku Ryujin

japanese for dark dragon god
kirocontoy's avatar
Ola Ischyro in Greek is All Powerful. Fitting I should say. But hey *shrugs*

Other then that I am loving this xD
undead432's avatar
Nocte vigil, which mean "night watcher" in latin.
Incola antro which means "cave dweller" in latin
wolfgirl-1999's avatar
I think that his name should be Brisingr (it means fire).

AWESOME work!!! I could never do that in digital art!!!
sQUiDax's avatar
that is pure awesome!! :D
Cyndardragon's avatar
What a beautiful work of art! :D
EdDarkflame's avatar
Outstanding! And the colours and shades make him look great!
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I cannot describe how just purely awesome it is. I'd like to see something like a full body of it.
Vazchu's avatar
Wow, he's amazing! I really love the scales. (:
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