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Chinees dragon

After a very long time i'm starting with pencil drawing again. This is another very detailed dragon.
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sorry what language are you guys speaking? is it Netherlands? coz i can read it and i speak Afrikaans how weird lol
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Dutch, South africa was a colonie of the dutch, you south african language is based on old dutch, that must be the reason why you undrstand use.
o no i know that did the whole thing in history but havent read the language heard it but never read it just amazed me how close afrikaans resembles nederlands
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wow am loving the details....
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nice, and nice detail in it... A+ :)
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you should re-edit the description to
an extremely VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY detailed dragon.
i would kill myself with that much detail.
looks real.
keep up the good work!
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Damn, this is you ‘starting’? I am amazed.
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wow.. you have amazing talent! :D
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ok im gonna point you the big thing about dragon.... and it has to do with the toes.....

2 toes - tai
3 toes - korean
4 toes - japanese
5 toes - chinese

your dragon only has 4 toes per a foot making it a japanese dragon. i dont know completely how this work, but the more toes you have the most powerful the dragon... check the history if you dont belive me.

now besides that, really nice dragon.
hey i think your work on the dragons is outa this world! i love them so much. i need to no wat ur secret is to drwing them. ive tried but failed miserable many times. my best one is dragun but it just is nothing in comparrison to yours. please help :worship:
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very detailed is an understatement. :nod:

You keep amazing me, with your talent. :D
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Schitterend! Fav!
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Meid, dit is werkelijk een van je meesterwerken. Waar haal je het geduld vandaan om elke schub en elke pluk haar apart te tekenen? Het is werkelijk prachtig geworden. :clap:
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