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I'm a proffesional Animator, Motiongraphic artist and Illustrator that has work several years in video production in Amsterdam. Now I'm traveling the world, exploring countries and working on my own personal artwork. I'm busy with an Short film at the moment and I'm developing my drawings skills. I've finished artschool 4 years ago and graduated on Animation. Art keeps me busy everyday and I hope I can continue doing that the rest of my life.

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Princess Mononoke
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Family Guy
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Hans zimmer
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J.K. Rowling
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Mario Kart
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Drawing, sports, Pokémon, Dragons, Animation


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It's great you finally colored this. I was looking forward to it. The only thing is, that I think you could have colored this better, This is to bland and I mis a lot op contrasts. Some characters just seem to blurry to me, when the background behind them are pretty sharp.

Also the clouds in teh far back really could have been done better than a few blobs. I think It would have taken only a few minutes more to make nice cloud like shapes op them.

Also the buildings look to flat you should have more time in giveing them details, the bricks look like fake cheap boards with a simple bricklike texture on them.

If you look at the image when in total it looks amazing, but you could really have taken more time to fix some minor things. It will make it from Great to Perfect.
.:Eternal Law:.
commented on Green Soul by
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The concept of this work is really nice and I also like the colors. I also love her face, she looks so peacefull and relaxed. Als your use of watercolors is very good.

It does miss something in the composition and the posing. You could make her lean backward so that her body looks like it is moved by the wind, like her hair. You could also do this with the rest of the plant. What also might help is making the lines in the backgrond horizontal instead of vertical. The image will get a bit more of a flow.
Green Soul
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The characters are really nice, they have personality and nice designs. The only thing is that the anatomy is not perfect jet and still needs some work. The proportions are good overall but the hands are to small. The position of the leg right leg of the blue dragon seems of, it looks like its twisted in a wrong way. I think thats because of the way you shaded it.

The other thing is the background you also refer to yourself. I think if you want to fix that you just need to practice a bit more in perspective. I actually like that the background is drawn rough and simple because the focus goes to the characters that way.
Joging at beach (commision)
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Its cool to see studies like this from you, I'm looking forward to see more!

Very nice shading on this It has a look of an good black and white photograph. It has just the right amount of brightness and contrast.

Also very nice study, I really find muscle details very interesting. Specially the bundles look nice.

The only critic I have is that I mis fine details. You could have used a thiner pencil for stuff like the veins. It makes them more delicate. Just like the way you drew the muscle bundles. Its small but it gives the little bit extra.
Anterior Muscle Study
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I saw your reference sheet of Lilith on facebook and I rushed over to DA to comment.

Anyway, wow you can really see you've improved a lot in human posing and anatomy! Really well doen in this short time. Art school is definitely paying of here.

I can also see you coloring and shading has gotten better, but it still needs working on. For the shading practise by doing more grayscaled work. With that you understand lighting better and your work will become more realistic.

And you coloring, I sill find it to bright for natural colors use some more pastel like colors. You could practise coloring by using less colors. It causes you to be creative with what you got and lets you create new techniques.

What also helps a lot is to paint with real paint instead of digital painting.

Anyway great progress!
Lilith 2013