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Winter in King's Landing

A commissioned playmat piece that I did for a local Game of Thrones card game event last year (The Sack of Astapor 2016: A Game of Thrones LCG Singapore Open Championship)

Client wanted a dual theme of summer and winter, this is the winter version.

(P.S in the card game, Nights Watch is a faction--and the house sigils look different visually)

you can see the summer version 
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Remarkable ! Keep up ;)

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But where are the Tully's banner?
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For the card game that this playmat was commissioned for,  Tully isnt a playable faction..but I do think they have Tully cards!
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It's very beautiful, and so is the summer version!
But I prefer this one!
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Thanks! yea this seems to be more popular..and I guess more fitting given where the story is heading now
Is that Ser Pounce, still alive and Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms?!?!
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Yup, its Ser Pounce 🐱 ❤️
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Nice work! As well, I've chosen both this and the summer version for :icongame-of-thrones-fans: featured folder :)
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Thanks for the feature!
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No problemo! Keep making amazing work!
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This looks great!!
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