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FULL VIEW PLEASE! or the quality is quite died down

PROPS to SZC on DA for the origional concept idea! I did get permission from him to use his concept to give my own shot at it. Check out his original piece!

Took a WHILE.. i would bounce back and forth through ideas for this for hours and ages.. plus working on other projects this was put off at times. Im still not quite certain that this is finished and im going to still be added more to it.

There are many light sources in this, and this one was a bit of a mess.. but im improving.

This piece will be updated multiple times but i decided to post what i came up with so far.

Alot of personal stock used for BG and some splashes, a fair share of painting also.

Made in PS4 and C4D
PLEASE! if you have any extra ideas for what can be done to this work, let me know and ide love to colab a bit.

Looks far better on my Flickr account
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