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Rainbow Colors



Drops of water - once again :love:


PRINT NOW AVAILABLE: Since I've received a couple print requests I uploaded a full resolution version of this picture (4272 x 2848 pixels) :)
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The biggest part of this photo is the color. In this case, the vivid colors of what I am assuming is a peacock feather, bring out the life in this photo and emphasize the water droplets that are present. It also provides a lot of contrast and fluidity to the image as well, as the entire range of the visible spectrum is visible in this, as well as most all shades and hues of those colors.

By leaving the feather identifiable, we also give the droplets scale and overall physical depth. The fact that we can see the individual feather scales further emphasizes the scale.

Next, by having the lighting be a back light instead of a fore light, it brings out more of the feather than would have otherwise occurred.

Finally, the ability to do a macro shot at all speaks for the overall technique. It's a very clear shot, and also very well done, something that takes natural or learned talent on the part of the artist.