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SnK - Siren. Part 2. :iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 1 0
Mature content
SnK - Siren. Part 1. :iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 2 6
Mature content
Pity :iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 5 4
Ocean Days~
"Yahoooooo~! Oh man, that car was so stuffy, I can finally BREATHE!" Denmark burst out from the red Volvo, full of glee and bursting with energy. The beautiful rays of sunlight bore down on the beach, the ocean glistening and the sound of seabirds squawking whilst they soared in the open blue sky. Truly enjoying his escape from the metal monster, Denmark pranced around the warm sand, leaving treads and trails. But not everyone was enjoying this as much as the Dane. It must be genetic, because two brothers were both being rather difficult.
"Are y'u done throwing up, N'rge?"
"Not yet... Urgh!" Sweden patted the blonds back as he vomited into a nearby bush. A glance at Finland revealed him to be having rotten luck too.
"Come out the car? Please?"
"Iceland, please..."
"You won't burn this time! Please!?"
"No!" Finland sighed.
"Fine. You can join us when you're ready." He shut the car door, leaving the stubborn teenager to his own devices, buried under blankets in the bac
:iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 11 8
Magic Trio Camping Trip
“Vlad! Put that down! And get down from there!” England shook his fist at a currently upside down Romania, hanging by his legs from the beam of England's countryside cottage. He held in hand a gas lamp, swinging it round in mischief. That wasn't odd, considering the living room was currently stacked to the brim with camping gear. Norway appeared from the kitchen, having filled a large rucksack with canned food.
“Vlad. Get down.”
“Ohhhh... You're such a killjoy, Lukas...” The strange nation dropped elegantly from the ceiling. He would have landed on his feet if England hadn't punched him in the stomach.
“Why do you listen to him but not to me?!?!” Norway looked on blandly as the two personifications threw themselves at each other, battling like teenage girls. He rolled his eyes as he waded through the camping gear and grabbed them by the ear. Both Romania and England dropped to their knees in immediate submission. They had pissed Norway of
:iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 23 7
Mature content
Train. :iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 8 10
Mature content
The Butterfly Project :iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 4 15
Asian Family Memories - Hiccups
China was peacefully content for once. The table was in one piece, and the food remained on the plates. For now. He was the proud 'mother' of four little nations, one of which was usually rather loud and annoying.
“Anikiiiiii! Can I have more water please~?!” Five year old Korea wildly waved his empty cup around, having downed it a few seconds ago.
“Of course aru~.” The ancient left the room with the cup to refill it. Whilst he was gone, Korea fidgeted in place. He glanced over at the other children at the table. The eldest, Vietnam sat next to him on the right. Taiwan sat next to him on the left, and Japan after that. The youngest seemed to be struggling with the chopsticks, but somehow managing to eat. Korea wriggled again. Where was his aniki?! He was thirsty!
“Stop moving! You keep elbowing me!” Taiwan flicked Korea right in the ear.
“Ow! No fair da-ze! I wasn't trying to!” He purposely elbowed her in the ribs, which started a huge fi
:iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 8 1
Asian Family Memories - Tree
It had been a good idea at the time. Almost as good as putting Korea in the basement for punishment. But now, China was starting to deeply regret his latest decision.
“GEEEEET MEEEE DOOOOOWWWWWN!!!!!” The ancient only sighed, his brow furrowed as he buried his head in hand. Maybe, just maybe, it hadn't been the brightest idea he'd ever had.
“G-Gege! Please! We're stuck!” In a mandarin tree, almost twice China's height, Japan and Taiwan were perched precariously on a thin branch. China knew the mandarins at the top were sweetest. Which is why he'd sent the two, obedient, gentle children up there. But now, both the six year old and the four year old were stuck. On a branch. In a tree. Out of reach.
“TEEEEACHEEEERRRR!!!!” He sighed again in exasperation, throwing his arms up helplessly.
“Hold on! I'm trying to think of something!”
“Pl-please think quicker Gege!”
“Be quiet for a second aru!”
“The branch is breaki
:iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 4 15
Something I never told you, Liebe.
The water shimmered a soft, angelic blue. The suitcases in hand were heavy and the leather handel cut into the folds of his palm. The man next to him was loud, enthusiastic, and only seving to make him more nervous.
"Ve~! Boat trip, boat trip~!"
"Calm down, Felinciano..."
"Sorry Luddy~! I just really like boats!" Ludwig's face tugged into a frown as the ferry pulled into port. His stomach churned, but he disguised it by coughing into his hand.
"Let's go!" Felinciano bounded forwards, dragging Ludwig behind him. Feli's curl softly bobbed as he ran, oblivious to his partner's queasiness. The blond with panic in his sharp blue eyes swallowed down a bad feeling. There was something he hadn't told Feliciano yet... The last time he had been on a boat- No. He didn't want to think about it.
"Luddy?" He forced a warm smile on his face as Felinciano turned to him.
"Ja, I'm coming." Readjusting his sweaty hands on the suitcase handel, Ludwig followed after. Stepping onto the ferry, he took a deep
:iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 9 3
Nordic Wild - Elk
The small herd of four male elk stumbled through the dry, rocky tundra. The dominant male, with antlers the length of 2 meters led the group, followed by his smaller mate. It was unusual for elk to openly display homosexual behaviours, but just because this particular elk did, it did not mean he was weak.
“Berwald, Mattias is dropping behind again...” The huge elk stopped, looking back. His smaller mate was a light brown, had much smaller antlers, only a little larger than his ears. A few meters behind, an elk slightly shorter, but definitely bulkier than the dominant male was trudging along slowly. He was being forcefully pushed along by the smallest of this group of four.
“Ow! Ow! Lukas! Your puny antlers are stabbing my hind!”
“Good! Get a move on!”
“I'm too hungryyyyy!!!” The dominant males smaller mate was about to trot over when an antler brushed against his side affectionately.
“Try not t' get involved, Tino.” The small
:iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 18 21
Sealand casual cosplay test~ by RussianSunflower3 Sealand casual cosplay test~ :iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 2 3
Soviet family memories - Sunflowers
"Brother! Brother! Build a snowman with us!" Little Russia looked up from his spot in the snow to see his sisters come bounding over to him.
"Privyet Ukraine! Privyet Belarus!" The toddling 2 years old babbled as her 6 year old sister dragged her face down in the snow. Again.
"доброе утро!" Smiling innocently, Ukraine stopped next to Russia and started to gather snow into a ball shape. Belarus scrunched up her face whilst the boy used his scarf to clean melted snow off her face.
"Snowman~, Snowman~!" With heavy heart, Russia made eye contact with his older sister, a lingering of sorrowness in the violet depths.
"N- Nyet... I can't..."
"Huh? Why?"
"Why bubba why?" Russia gently patted the baby of the family on the head, trying to subdue the oncoming tears.
"I'm busy. I need to become stronger, да?" Ukraine's smile faded a little. She took Belarus by the hand, preparing to leave their brother once more.
"We'll... We'
:iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 7 6
A-Z of Japanese culture
The building was about the closet it could get to a western-style public eatery. The large red lanterns hanging from the roof identified it as an akachochin. Pushing open the sliding doors and removing his shoes, Japan bowed as per custom as he entered. The waitor led him to a small table in the back, where he was presented with a menu, entirely in Japanese with a few small pictures. Although he could easily read and deciper it, he noticed a foreign family in the booth next to him struggling to understand.
Politely and dantily, he made a gesture towards the Yakitori, which the waitor informed him would just be a moment. It seemed the family next to him got the idea, as they copied the gesture towards their own choices.
*Japan often eats at an akachochin to immerse himself in the eastern-western balance. He also assists the occasional struggling traveller...
The 'way of the warrior' was one Japan took very seriously, especially back in WW2.
He prided h
:iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 10 3
Winter kisses
The two walked hand in hand, their breath crystallising in front of them, and the cold air contrasting to their warm, red faces. It was their first time holding hands in public, walking home from school.
“Ice?” The boy with silver hair, almost the same colour as the snow falling from the sky, was snapped out of his thoughts to look at his boyfriend.
“Ja?” The brunette smiled softly, cold nose almost glowing red.
“Want to stop at the milkshake store?”
“Milkshake? In this weather?”
“They heat them up too...”
“... Ja... That sounds nice...” Behind his dark blue scarf, Iceland smiled softly, mirroring Hong Kong's expression.
“Cool.” There was a glint in smokey brown eyes. A scheming glint. Hong Kong was planning something... Swinging their arms lightly, the two walked in peace, their warmth melting any snowflakes that dared to intrude on their moment.
“Hey. We're here.” Iceland had been about to
:iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 6 2
Mature content
Asian Family Memories - Blood :iconrussiansunflower3:RussianSunflower3 5 10


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At the moment, my Hetalia fanfiction has come to a standstill. I just don't get that vibe anymore, and no requests have come through.

I do, however, have a hella load of Shingeki no kyojin/Attack on titan fanfiction. I'll probably upload them here within the next three days, unless anyone protests or objectifies.

(Also, requests would be nice~...)


United Kingdom
Just call me Rebz. I'm pretty slack, but determined when it comes to Anime marathons! XD
I can constantly be found watching. reading, and singing along to anything Hetalia related. It's my very best interest! Also, I like My little pony:friendship is magic, and Air crash investigation.


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