Group Rules + Guidelines

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Deviation Actions


What We Ask:

  • Follow deviantArt's policies

  • Submit art to the appropriate folder

  • All contest entries must be original work

What is Not Accepted:

  • Mature or violent content

  • Art not related to nature or a specified monthly theme

Submissions (General):

  • Global limit of 5 submissions per day (you can submit up to a total of 5 deviations per day)

  • Submissions are automatically approved for all but the Featured folder

  • Submissions to the Featured folder, which are allowed twice per week, are reviewed before approval

  • All media (types of art) are allowed - use the Non-Photography folder for art that is not photography. All other folders are photography only.

How do I Submit Art?

Go to the group's Gallery page. From there, you have a couple options:

Option 1:

  • Select "Contribute to This Gallery" in the upper right

  • Choose your deviation you'd like to submit

  • Select the appropriate folder from the drop-down and submit!

Option 2:

  • Select a specific folder from the gallery you want to submit art to (either from the left side of the page or by scrolling down and selecting)

  • Then click "Contribute to This Folder" in the upper right

  • Choose your deviation and submit!

Folder Descriptions for Submitting Art:

Please read the following on specific folder submission criteria. I've also provided some advice if your art qualifies for more than one folder following the folder descriptions.

  • Featured Folder: your best work, the work you're most proud of

  • Monthly Theme Folder: dependent on monthly theme which will be described in folder description as well as group journals

  • Flowers: general flowers folder for flower-focused photos

  • Macro Flowers: folder for flower(s) shown larger than in reality (macro)

  • Flowers with Animals: any flower photography including animals. If a bee/bug/bird is in your photo of a flower, submit here - NOT the Flowers folder.

  • Pre-Bloom: this folder is for flower buds etc. before a flower fully blooms. If a bud is the focus of the photo, submit here - NOT the Flowers folder.

  • Post-Flower: fruit, berries, dead flowers - what happens after a flower is past it's prime

  • Flower People: folder for photography including people and flowers

  • Sunsets: general sunset photography folder

  • Sunrises: general sunrise photography folder

  • Trees: general trees folder. Focus is the tree as an entity.

  • Leaves: displaying any type of leaf/leaves. Focus is the leaves.

  • Bouquets: bouquets - does not have to include flowers

  • Other Nature: any nature photography that does not fall under previously described folders

  • Non-Photography Art: any art of flowers, sunsets, and other nature that was created using a medium other than photography

  • All other folders are not open for submissions.

Folder Overlap:

If there is overlap between folders, choose what you feel is most applicable unless specified otherwise. For example, a photo showcasing both a field of flowers and a sunset may be appropriate for a variety of flowers folders and the sunsets folder. Another example is a flowering tree. For these scenarios, ask yourself: do the flowers obstruct the sunset? Does the photo of the flowering tree include the whole tree, or is it close-up and focusing on the flowers? Use your best judgement to determine the focus of the photo - since the folders intersect, 'tis understandable there will be overlap.

Reach out to the group or myself if you have any questions on the above rules via note or comment.

Thank you!


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