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Testing Stamp by RussianBookworm Testing Stamp :iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 7 0
Comfortably Numb: The Master's Song
Comfortably Numb
Chapter One:
The Master's song
AN: Alright, here it is, Vader is going to choose his lovely lady. He chooses carelessly however and must pay the price. Not only that, will Vader treat her like dirt? Will he scheme to get rid of her and have someone else fill out his duties? Or will Vader find himself falling for her deadly charm in due time? (By the way, I hate my overuse of the word knew. I'm sorry. ) My OC would be considered Russian by Earthling standards. :D Her last name is pronounced Var(Like car) - and the American name Damon for those who weren't sure.
Vader stood up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. The clock read 0500, Vader never did sleep very well these days; which was why meditation was vital to him. He draped his black plush robe over his muscular nude body. He tied it tight around him; the female workers were usually quite a nuisance. Then again, walking around nude could make one very tempting. He felt his comlink vibrate in the loose pocke
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 11 15
Lestat Musical Parody After All This Time
NONE Of these songs are mine! They are the property of Anne Rice, Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The SPOOF is JtheGoblinKing. She did ALL Of these song spoofs)
After all this time
(sung by the character Armand in the Lestat musical. Written by Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin.)
What taste is this upon my lips.
'Probably bloood. Most likely blood.'
A scent so sweet, what can it be?
'Considering where you lived at the start of this play I'm guessing some kind of animal dropping.'
A taste so sweet, what can it be?
'Probably blood.'
What is this scent upon the air
'Well, considering your coven hadn't washed in a very long time when Lestat first met you it's probably you.'
That fills my lungs and comforts me
'Sadist comforted by suffering.'
And whispers low
How does it feel
'To know the play's almost over?'
To savour our such just revenge,
'Justice and revenge are conflicting concepts.'
To smell the fragrence you have lost
And drunkenly inhail his pain?
'I'd say he's lost it but he's
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 10 0
Lestat Musical Parody Crimson Kiss
(NONE Of these songs are mine! They are the property of Anne Rice, Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The SPOOF is JtheGoblinKing. She did ALL Of these song spoofs)
Crimson kiss
(Written by Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin from the Lestat musical. Sung by the character Gabrielle. San Francisco version.)
For so many years we shared this path together,
'Because you wouldn't ask for directions.'
Kindred spirits, in search if history,
'Apparently the library was closed.'
For you the Holy Grail is where we come from,
'This will get changed for New York just to incoroporate that really pointless assisted suicide that damages Lestat's personality portrayal and makes Marius cold and nonsensical.'
But it's a different road I crave these days for me.
'Away form New York, right?'
You dwell so on the dawn of our creation,
'Well, tell him to stop reading Genisis and Origin of species.'
And search for ghosts from our mythology
'He's being haunted by Hercules or Dracula?'
But for now the wonders the world
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 10 0
Lestat Musical Parody To Kill Your Kind
(NONE Of these songs are mine! They are the property of Anne Rice, Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The SPOOF is JtheGoblinKing. She did ALL Of these song spoofs)
More mocking of Lestat lyrics. The ones that I mock here might not be entirely accurate.
To kill your kind
(By Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin for the Lestat musical. Demo version. Sung by the character Armand)
'Be still, I say, for you excell
'At math.'
In virtues common in the infidel,
A mongrul b--t who feels compelled
To twists the rules to suit her self.
'Just like her father. He must be so proud!'
Do you look at me and see a fool?
'Do you REALLY want her to answer that?'
Do we look like we'd bend for the likes of you?
'No, just for Louis.'
What possess you to cross the line
'The thought of annoying Armand.'
When you know what it means to kill your kind?'
'But the irony is she didn't actually kill anyone. LESTAT'S RIGHT THERE!'
Theatre vampires and Armand:
'No greater crime than to kill your kind.
'But she didn't!'
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 10 3
From the Dead Reprise Lestat Musical Parody
(NONE Of these songs are mine! They are the property of Anne Rice, Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The SPOOF is JtheGoblinKing. She did ALL Of these song spoofs)
From the dead finale
(By Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin from the first San Francisco version of the Lestat musical. Demo version)
Before today
'This musical had a redemption theme but when this song is removed all sign of that is lost.'
This body bore the burden of his kind.
'Oh, look, From the dead had a reprise and everything got neatly tied together at the end! Wow, what a concept. Who was the idiot who editted this thing?'
The quest to learn why I was made,
'Was removed from the New York version of the Lestat musical and turned into a quest to heal Nicolas which evolved into an out of character assisted suicide.'
The endless search for signs.
'Like a stop sign.'
Through all my rage and tender stages,
'Ah, so he saw the changes to the play.'
Through decades drenched in blood,
'The evolution of Goth culture.'
The source of o
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 8 0
Lestat Musical Parody The Thirst
The Thirst (NONE Of these songs are mine! They are the property of Anne Rice, Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The SPOOF is JtheGoblinKing. She did ALL Of these song spoofs)
(By Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin for the Lestat musical. Sung by the character Lestat.)
How can this be?
'Easy. Check page twenty of your script.'
This devil leaves
'The trap door worked fine tonight.'
And God abandons me,
'Sir Elton John is not God, Lestat. And there will be other people to adapt your story.'
I'm left here looking
At these flames.
That too could set me free.
The vessel that I used to be
Is tainted now and ripped apart,
'I know the changes to the script were awful.'
Bathed in madness by the fiend
Who's robbed me of my human heart.
'I kept it in a glass jar right over here!'
To contemplate
This crimson Hell
Is more than I can stand.
'I won't settle for any Hell other than a violet one.'
Did I sin so
'Well, there is that whole first act...'
To seal my fate,
Offered up by Hell's own hand?
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 8 2
In Paris Lestat Musical Parody
This is NOT my property. This and all of these songs are the property of Bernie Taupin, Elton John, and the Characters are by Anne Rice. JtheGoblinKing wrote all of these parodies. NOT me.
In Paris
(By Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin, sung by the characters Lestat and Nicolas in the Lestat musical)
'Listen to me,
'Because no one else will.'
Let me speak, of wonderous works of art.
'Because using notebook paper was too difficult.'
That dwell within that fabled city.
'He was in Atlantas?
It's architecture fills my heart.
'The New York version of this song hurts my head.'
Let me tell you,
'That this was the best we could do. There was no point in changing it.'
I have seen where great ideas are born.
'And destroyed. He's talking about Warner Brothers.'
Illuminating all the darkness
'I paid my electric bill.'
In the corners of the world.
'Think we should tell him it's round? Ah, let him figure it out for himself.'
Ask of me, I will tell you,
'Lestat, you're an idiot.'
Let your con
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 10 6
Never Have That Chance
Embrace it (NONE Of these songs are mine! They are the property of Anne Rice, Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The SPOOF is JtheGoblinKing. She did ALL Of these song spoofs)
I'll never have that chance
(Lyrics by Bernie Taupin, music by Sir Elton John. Sung by the character Claudia in the Lestat musical.)
I have spent so many years
Trying to figure out how this play failed.'
In fancy lace and beaded gowns,
'She's been in Sir Elton John's wardrobe.'
I have set my hair a hundred ways.
'David Bowie?'
My face I've painted up
'Again, David Bowie.'
And powdered down.
'Now, wait... Boy George?'
This body bears a telling tale.
'It says shut up.'
They pinch my cheek and wish me well.
'It's a conspiracy to annoy you, Claudia.'
For all their patronizing smiles
'They still know you're crazy.'
This frame remains a prison cell.
'Louis only put those bars on the window because Armand kept trying to get in to kill you.'
They look at me and what they see
'Is this play going down the toilet.'
Is one more p
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 8 2
From The Dead Lestat the Musical Parody
This version was performed in the December version of the San Francisco version of the Lestat musical. It was the very first version of From The Dead.
From the Dead original Lestat opening
(By Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin, from the Lestat musical. Sung by the character Lestat.)
It suits me well, this modern world
'Because my DSL wouldn't work in the dark ages.'
The righteous find depraved,
'Marylyn Manson's here?'
For one who's lived three centuries.
'Seventeen eighty... two thousand and six... Lestat's math isn't all that great.'
A stranger to the grave.
'I loved this line. I wish it wasn't cut! HINT!'
The years roll by, and rules that I
'Never followed to begin with.'
Was taught to honor and revere
'Yeah, right.'
In this new age of telling all
'I went on Ricki Lake.'
Seem threats exempt of fear.
'Like the threat that this song will be removed from the play?'
I've read in recent times the claims
'That Tom Cruise is an alien?''
That literature has made.
'Ah, he's lamenting Blood Ca
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 12 1
Oh What A Torturous Night
Oh What A Torturous Night!
Twenty-year old Jamie Campbell Bower just left the studios of his new movie Sweeney Todd. He along with the rest of the crew had left early that evening. This was the first night he had free in a long time. So, he decided that he was going to have a little fun this evening.  Jamie stuck the keys of his little Volvo in and got into the car. He sighed; life was going great for him. He was in a movie that everyone knew would be a huge success with Johnny Depp, new big paycheck, maybe a few fans… One of the first things Jamie's list was to get a new car other than his old, rusty, and broken down, white Volvo. I mean, if he was ever going to get famous, he needed a hot new ride to go along with it. He was thirsty, and the new Hollywood hot-spot bar was just around the corner. He smiles to himself. He would go there tonight.
After some insane driving, he arrived. The new bar was called, "The Jungle". He could already see the lights flashing and h
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 1 0
Vampire Lestat Part Deux
              The Vampire Lestat Part Deux: The New Adventures of the Vampire Lestat
By Lestat De Lioncourt
Lestat Here. Remember me? Of course you do or you wouldn't be reading this. I will assume that you've read "The Vampire Lestat" written by moi. Then again, What if you're a new reader? What if you do not know of me? You must know about me! I'm the star of the show of course! Well, I shall do my famous introductory, I so love introducing myself. I hope to claim new fans with my stunning persona. My name is Lestat de Lioncourt. Pronounced Luh-stat de Le-on-cour.
I have gorgeous, flowing, wavy golden blonde hair that curls and shines in the light. My hair reaches to my shoulder. When I am bored with my hair, I cut it into a modernized style. I mostly wear it pulled back in the fashionable pony-tail. I don't have to worry about making a mistake. It will grow back the next night the same as it was the moment I was b
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 15 10
Ways to Annoy the Brat Prince
102 Ways to Annoy the Vampire Lefat
     By Darkwingsdesending / Russianbookworm
AN: I THNK that I can get this is to 100. We'll see. :-)  Also, I have a few from the later books… Blackwood farm because that  is the book I am on. Some of these are INSANE okay…I was on a sugar high lol
Disclaimer: These are not my characters. None of it belongs to me..It is all the property of Anne Rice. I am in no way making money. This is a LIST not a fan fiction. So please don't sue me! Thank you.
1. Break ALL of his mirrors.
2. Insist that Marius is better than him
3. Instead of Lestat, call him Lefat
4. Tell him he is ugly
5. Say that no matter what he does, Armand will always be a better vampire
6. Take away ALL his hair products
7. Buy / Steal all copies of his books and destroy them
8. Say all his fledglings are mistakes
9. Give him a rat and insist it is Nicki reincarnated
10. Tell him his mother is really a lesbian
11. Tell him Gabrielle i
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 19 6
OLD 101 Ways to Annoy Armand
101 Ways to annoy Armand
by dreamsareforever and friends
1. Say that Alex called, he says he was the original angst teen. (Clockwork Orange)
2. Say that Marius hates him.
3. When he tries to make fun of you say, " Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!" ( Watch out if he goes out to do just that.)
4. Take away both versions of Blade Runner from him and replace it with Twilight.
5. Try to act as though you're the boss of him.
6. Act as though he's only 3 and not 500 and something.
7. Make him watch Barney.
8. Make him watch anything on "Sprout, Disney Playhouse and Nick Jr."
9. Say that Lestat is the best thing in the world.
10. Capture Louis, ( and keep untill he'll do some hulla dancing.)
11. Act as though Armand is a cute little puppy dog that WON'T bite.
12. Give his room a makeover. ( Girlstyle)
13. Give HIM a makeover.
14. Lock him up in a room with Pee Wee Herman.
15. Lock him up in a room with Richard Simmons or Rosie O'Donnell.
16. Go on a vacation w
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 27 10
Embrace it Lestat Musical
Embrace it (NONE Of these songs are mine! They are the property of Anne Rice, Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The SPOOF is JtheGoblinKing. She did ALL Of these song spoofs)
(By Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin from the Lestat musical, demo version. Sung by the characters Louis and Lestat.)
'Where is the glory in this new me?
'Sorry, Brad Pitt took it all .'
Where is the feeling of achievement
'Back stage.'
In the shadows of the evening?
Where is the satisfaction in your killing creed?
'He did not kill Creed! Their own lack of talent did that to their careers.'
Who am I now? I don't know.
'Louis has split personality disorder.'
I must question my existance
'Because I have nothing better to do.'
And deal with your persistance
'Lestat, stop poking him.'
That somehow in some way
You set me free.
'Of course there was the whole rescue from the burning plantation thing.'
And I don't think that I can take another night
'Of this play's constant changes.'
Of these instincts that I fight,
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 13 0
To Live Like This Lestat Music
Mocking of Lestat demos in Rocky Horror style. (Property of JtheGoblinKing! Will write my own spoof soon!) If you don't know the song, I'll add a link to the bottom.
To live like this
(By Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Sung by Lestat and Armand in the Lestat musical. Demo version.)
'Just look at you!
'Lestat's reply: I do all the time!'
Who do you think you are?
'The Vampire Lestat. Did you not see the script?'
To flaunt our laws with your rash ways,
'Laws? There are laws? Oowe, new things to break!'
To mock our rules with disregard.
'Well, your first rule is worship Armand so...'
Your presence here is poison in our veins.
'Thank you!'
Your human traits sour our belief.
'I didn't realize this counted as a religion.'
Your arrogance should be your shame
'Instead it's my trademark!'
In your Spanish, leather boots,
'That I want.'
Silver buckles on your vest,
'That I want.'
Gold embroidery in your breaches,
'How does he know what's on Lestat's breaches?'
Diamond broach upon your
:iconrussianbookworm:RussianBookworm 13 0


Cangaceiro John Marston by JULIA-CS Cangaceiro John Marston :iconjulia-cs:JULIA-CS 6 0 dont be sad, cowboy dad by Magnum-Bug dont be sad, cowboy dad :iconmagnum-bug:Magnum-Bug 29 5 Cowboy by KatePfeilschiefter Cowboy :iconkatepfeilschiefter:KatePfeilschiefter 476 18 Portraits 2 by LindseyWArt Portraits 2 :iconlindseywart:LindseyWArt 54 13 FREE John Marston Siggy, RDR by nomnomblood FREE John Marston Siggy, RDR :iconnomnomblood:nomnomblood 9 0 PP Commission : Arthur Morgan and John Marston by Heisedebao PP Commission : Arthur Morgan and John Marston :iconheisedebao:Heisedebao 41 7 My name is John Marston by Ndrs My name is John Marston :iconndrs:Ndrs 53 14 John Marston by MattiasFahlberg John Marston :iconmattiasfahlberg:MattiasFahlberg 137 21 John Marston by SilverScythe89 John Marston :iconsilverscythe89:SilverScythe89 104 9 Congrats Roger Clark !! by ZestyPantaloons Congrats Roger Clark !! :iconzestypantaloons:ZestyPantaloons 33 1 Journal #2 by Rigogen Journal #2 :iconrigogen:Rigogen 34 5 Red Dead Redemption 2 by SilverScythe89 Red Dead Redemption 2 :iconsilverscythe89:SilverScythe89 21 1 Momma Camp Dragon by Berylunee Momma Camp Dragon :iconberylunee:Berylunee 188 51 Arthur Morgan (modern) by OblivionScribe Arthur Morgan (modern) :iconoblivionscribe:OblivionScribe 18 1 Arthur and John by Ansa2613 Arthur and John :iconansa2613:Ansa2613 9 0 Captain Marvel by Vylla Captain Marvel :iconvylla:Vylla 165 7



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