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I have recently started being more active on my FA account, if I have any images of an adult nature I will be posting them there keep this in mind before clicking the link.…
In celebration of the General Southern Buggery info and species rules getting over 2000 views I'm offering a free Full-body, half body or head-shot for the first comment with a question regarding the species and the first three people to create and post their own Southern Buggery. (for organisation please post in the comments section of the General Southern Buggery info and species rules)

Southern Buggery Facts:

Living in the isolated south western forests of Tasmania the Southern Buggery is the apex predator of their natural habitat and as such they have no innate fear of humans; the thought of another creature being a threat is a foreign concept. The southern buggery, despite having no fear, will not attack a human unprovoked as humans are much larger than their regular prey.

Southern Buggerys are extremely social, sharing large territories with each other and only claiming a single tree or den as personal territory. Large gatherings are quite common for play, grooming and cooperative hunting; at these gatherings you can often see all three sub-species, though cave dwellers are less abundant during the daytime gatherings.


After they leave the pouch at 6 months of age, the raising of joeys (the young of the species) becomes a community effort, to the point where individual joeys do not differentiate relationships between genetic parents and other adult care givers. Southern Buggery Joeys will often sleep with other joeys in whatever adult nest is nearest to the main gathering points; due to this adults build nests larger than what they would need if they were the sole occupants. From about the age of 5 joeys are large enough to participate in hunts, but aren’t considered adults by the older Southern Buggerys until they are around 10 years old; they will continue to grow until about 13 years of age, at which point they reach their full upright height of between 4 and 7 foot tall, not including ears, which can add an additional foot or more to the size of the southern buggery.

Southern Buggerys are not naturally aggressive or territorial, the only record of them becoming aggressive was when one of their own was captured for study, not that that lasted very long, as it turns out Southern Buggerys are extremely intelligent and soon had their friend free.

As is with any species, sometimes two individuals will not get along, but unlike most, Southern Buggerys will not react with violence, instead choosing to avoid and/or mildly annoy each other.

Southern Buggerys have no discernible social hierarchy; additionally since there is no external way to tell apart the genders, any difference in role at the gatherings is unknown.
The Southern Buggery is an open but regulated species created by me

(Any questions you may have that are not answered by the rules may be asked in the comments section below, suggestions are also welcome and if there is anything that turns you off wanting to make your own Southern Buggery please let me know.)

Ownership Requirements:
Each person may own up to three Southern Buggerys at one time (to exceed the limit you may adopt out or retire an existing Buggery), making a Southern Buggery is free, it is preferred that each Southern Buggery is approved and documented in the Southern Buggery index.

Retiring your Southern Buggery:
To retire you Southern Buggery send a note and it will be marked as retired on the index. While retired you forfeit the right to use the Southern Buggery in new content (the Southern Buggery is still protected form use by another person). If you wish to bring your Southern Buggery out of retirement for use in new content, you need only have one of you three slots open and send a note for the character to be marked as active.

Physical Characteristics: 
Southern Buggery's are carnivorous marsupials with a body type similar to the extinct marsupial lion and can walk on all fours or upright, they may have the muzzle and tail of any long muzzled or long tailed Australian marsupials living or extinct (Monotreme traits are possible but are locked to sub species, platypus to river dweller and echidna to cave dweller), medium to large ears of any shape with inner ear definition and usually have visible canine teeth, both males and females have a pouch.
Southern Buggery's can be any colours but excessive rainbow colouration is not allowed (excessive being 40% or more of the total design).
Any natural markings are common in any amount, each Southern Buggery may have one unnatural shape as a marking (e,g, lightning, stars, love hearts, ect...)
Rarity of features:
a Southern Buggery may have one rare or two uncommon feature unless they have a large amount of their unnatural marking, with four or more no rare feature can be used, Five or more only one uncommon feature and six or more no uncommon feature (two symmetrical markings count as one Within reason)

Adopt Rules:
If you already own at least one Southern Buggery you are permitted to make Southern Buggerys for the purpose of adopting them to a person who does not already have three Southern Buggerys. Its preferred to be approved and added to the index first listed with owner as -Adopt by (creators name)- the new owner should be documented as soon as that information is available, you may only have one adopt going at a time and are limited to making one adopt per month.

The Index: 
Is a private list of all known Southern Buggerys that includes their, Name, Gender, Sub-species and Owner (DA or FA username accepted)
(send me a note to add your Buggery to the index, it is preferred but not required)

Information about the subspecies can be found here Southern Buggery Types
A Southern buggery will always fall into only one of the subspecies

Free Resources:
Southern Buggery Free Ref Base by russia13666Build-a-Buggery by russia13666 Sothern Buggery Sheet Revised by russia13666



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