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Wolf Anthro Ranger

oO{I've revisited this concept buy recreating it using my new techniques and better experience in 2011. You can find the new drawing here: [link]}Oo

This is a wolf anthro ranger sharpening his sword beside a tree. I finised this one today. I think that the pose was really good but the colors came out looking very dark.The head was alot of pain and the hardest part to draw.

Prismacolors on printer paper.
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Absolutely amazing work
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Reminds me of a gnoll character I played in DnD once (though he was a hyena rather than a wolf of course)

Well done piece =)
haviocwolf's avatar
would look similar
haviocwolf's avatar
i wish i had some thing like this for a D&D campain in the char im playing is similar to this looks great
Lucan-Jefferin's avatar
Nice drawing man :) I love this style of art! gotta see more!
War-eye-clan's avatar
Dude this is an awesome Drawing!
justjordanahoy's avatar
reminds me of Eddard stark?
eeveerulez23's avatar
I love wolf anthros! This is awesome!
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cman98's avatar
that is badass!
SolusDarkcoat's avatar
love it
because I love the rangers in lotr and I love woves
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That is amazing. Nice work!
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great job!

you definitely spent some time on that :)
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awesome! im nowhere near as good as you. i love rangers as well
Banjo-Johnney's avatar
Nice work! Reminds me of a 3.5 dnd Lupin.
xAlpahxWolfx's avatar
love it! and the head is indeed a pain, for me the muzzle always looks to long or to round or to short, but it looks pretty good here. Keep it up.
D4P0P3's avatar
Omfg it looks like what I envisioned my furry to look like! :0
Teeth-and-Tundra's avatar
Quite stunning realistic style! Faded and gritty, I really enjoy this. My own art style is in this sort of realistic fashion, so it's easier for me to grasp the attention spent on this piece. Good job!
azaptyE's avatar
The head looks awkward, other than that the only thing I have against it is that it's Anthro and how horribly terrifying it looks like my Ranger.
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This is a beautiful picture! :love:
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This is very nice! I really think it deserves more attention. The shading and coloring is quite real, and makes this stand out to me over the rest. =)
RussellTuller's avatar
Thanks. I'm glade you like it.
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