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Cervine Hand Anatomy Study

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This is another commission for :iconkantuck-nadie: . Thank you Kantuck! :D

So, Kantuck’s character required the development of a different type of hoof hand then my usual design, where the hand has two thumbs developed from the Due claws of a deer’s hoofs. The characters of her story world are “Uplifted Animals” meaning that they were Animals made into Anthros therefor a bit more animalistic anatomy wise Animal/Human rather than Human/Animal.

I’ve also gone with another new concept in this design; bare palms. After really thinking it over, I figured they would most likely need to be bare in order to provide friction and grip. Having mostly hoofed fingers would not provide much grip when holding things unlike other Mammals with Paw pads or completely bear palms this would cause a major problem evolution wise for a tool wielding culture of creatures.

I may not adapt this idea for my own works, personally it’s not very visually striking to me but the commissioner called for realism and realism isn’t always pretty haha. I do like the two thumb concept though, it makes total sense given the 4 fingered bone structure of Cervines. Although, it is difficult to pull off when it’s usually a no no for artists to draw thumbs on the wrong side of hands. :P

Mechanical Pencils on Printer Paper, Sepia-toned in Lexmark Photo Editor.

Hope you all enjoy and find this informative too! :)

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