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Der Kessel und der Junge

By Russalad
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well, no one said i couldnt enter do i did my entry for the phobs poster contest. It said it had to be inspired by phobs, and i used his war subject matter and many of his stuff about Thor.

so u know how i love making little stories, right? so this one is called Der Kessel und der Junge, or translated from Gemran, the Cauldron and the Boy, The rest is translated "a bizzare love story, inspired by the mind of Phobs, Coming in December" I made it about a Polish-Jewish boy and his connection to a Soviet Jack Frost; the spirit killing off Nazi soldiers fighting in Russia, (u know, cuz they used to freeze to death out there, they called that area the Kessel) The spirit had been gaurding the boy out of fear, and then beginning to protect him from the German troops, first out of pity

the characters depicted are the boy, Frost, the nazis and stormtroopers that interrogate him and try to capture him about Frost, a gypsy lady who gives the boy charity, and others

its bizzare, and i hope the club likes it...

hope u like :D
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why is it that when I see ANYTHING of yours I want to favorite it forever :iconlazycryheartplz:
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aww jee thank u <3
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der kessel und der junge?? xD
great name ^^
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hnnnnnnnnnnnng <3
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So dang good! The art style and colors really give it that noire feel... Excellent!
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awww awsome Poster i realy dont know if i can still make up my one idear beside this one OQ
but there a some lidded mistakes in the text if you allow me to correct it

Der Kessel und der Junge

Eine bizarre Liebesgeschichte – Inspiriert von Phobs / Inspiriert vom Phobs Werken

and if you want to pay a lidded tribute to Phobs you can add soming like (Inspiriert vom Wek des Künstler Phobs
it long but correct and sond important)
( the translation „Geist“ is correct but it don´t sound right its kinda obviously that you mean that it is inspired by his work as a whole but weel ist just sund strange to my ears)

and the last sentence

Erscheint im Dezember /
Premiere im Dezember (that's a more common phrase for a Poster)
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Thank u :hug:

Yeah my translation software ain't very good XD I don't know German really
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translation software never get 100% that normal
a grade fun is testing it this way:

select a language, lets run your text through this and now lets run this again in your language and now read and laugh :D
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Soooo cool! The "feel" of the characters (I can't think of a better word) reminds me a little of the art in the film the Triplets of Belleville. The characters are very fluid.
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I love triplets of Belleville <3
thank u :D
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Wonderful! I want to see this movie!
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Russalad, I love you so much.:heart:.
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Hehe, aww why thank you :hug:
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You're welcome.^^
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Maaan, for once, I said to myself " =Yes, I will try the contest of Phobs-fans, I'll do my best !"
Then I saw this.

I'll never do something that good !!!

The colours, the lines, ... the story, everything is original and... just great !
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aww, why thank u :hug:
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You're very welcome, it's just what I think about it
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If this was a real movie, I'd definitely go see it too! : D I really love the concept ♥
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whoa, I ADORE this! :iconkissingplz:
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