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Animal Crossing: Grass

By rush57
some wallpaper i made for my desktop. its a basic pattern. I had to hand place the shapes (grouped of course) like puzzle pieces. it's taken from one of my favorite games (animal crossing) its actually the grass on the ground during the early part of the year :3

if you'd like to download/fave - feel free, but leave some comments too plz! kthnx
**if you'd like to use it for any personal projects PLEASE leave a comment/email/link to anything you may be using it on**
(I don't own Animal Crossing, but it's nice to get a little shout out/sourcing every now and then..hard to believe I made this in '09!)

IF YOU HAVE ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW LEAF FOR THE 3DS, FEEL FREE TO ADD ME AS WELL (Ideally with your friend code in the comments section)
FC: 1220-6824-6500

Animal Crossing is © Nintendo.
Thanks for a great game!! :D
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© 2009 - 2021 rush57
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Hello there! Would it be okay to use this background pattern? I am hosting an Animal Crossing collab and would like to use this pattern as the background image of the collage of all the pieces. I will credit you on the collage itself and in my instagram post! My user on insta is @sapphie.sketchies.

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Im using this for a background for a personal website im creating :)

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used it in a twitch transition scene! will credit you as well. thank you for this!

Hello there! I loved this image, and maybe I can be use it for my Streaming Channel. Is this ok? This will be the page Let me know if this is OK!

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go for it! would appreciate a credit or a shout out.

hi rush i know its been awhile since you made this but i was hoping i could use this as part of my overlay when i stream animal crossing new horizons tonight it releases for me in about 12 hours so if you could get back to me before then i would appreciate it =P

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thanks for the heads up! sure, go for it! leave a link if you'd like.

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I used for a gift, Thanks <3

Thank you for the pattern! Used here with credit <3

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I used it here and gave credit! Thank you!
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hello! i used the pattern here! tysm!!
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hello!!! this is amazing. i used it as the background on my tumblr blog! :') (
Hi i'm using this as a thumbnail and background for my animal crossing LP

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I'm going to use this for a background for a drawing of my Wild World character I'm posting on Tumblr :)
It'll be on when it's up!
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ACNL Villager - Meet Amber the Fox! by BrushFox  Thank you so much for the cool texture!!!!!
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I kinda used this for a render... I will show you the work soon! Thank you for this!!
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Used from this video of I made the evolution of Animal Crossing TV Commercials:

Thank you very much :iconchitandaneplz:
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Used here:  Animal Crossing: Mitzi and Rosie [AT] by MilkyPhantomAdopts
Thank you for making this pattern! :D
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This pattern is gorgeous! Tysm for making it! I’ve made a silly meme with it here: 
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Sorry, I don’t think the link went through? Dang mobile interface : ( it’s on my profile if you’d like to see it! 
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Hi! I'm in an acnl group on FB and was wondering if it would be okay if I used this to create a banner!? Thank you !
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Thank you so much for this pattern! I'm gonna be using it here:
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I plan to use this for a class assignment but it won't be hosted anywhere, at least not for a while. Thank you!!
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