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Resting/folded wings doodles

I remember doodling this as a helpful thing, but ehhh it's so doodl-ish... anyway I'll scrap it later.

I don't claim it to be "ACCURATE 100000% THE ONLY RIGHT WAY CUZ OTHERWISE U BREAK STUFF", it's just how I pose the wings when these are folded.

This doodle batch is legit for usual bat-like wings only. For LoS wings (if stylized), apply the game logic. LoS wings are shown to be... unable to fold, in the games. Or partly folded, but a bit differently.

Someday, someone will make a legit tutorial for the folded wings. I hope.
Meanwhile, you can refer to this batch. Or some works in my gallery.

P.S. Refer to the wing limb as your hand. It helps.

///Rus off
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You drew these dragon/bat wings really well.

They could help a lot!

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This helped a lot thx
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Nice! I never thought that the arm and claws were like mammal arms, but it makes sense. I can do that, and it's easier for me to draw claws than fingers, haha. At least a bit. And more fun. Thanks for sharing this!
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I usually make mine based on how the movies with dragons fold them (live action).
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Thankyou for uploading this you have made it the one little bit more easier to draw
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I need to practise my wing folding, I've always struggled with wings
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Have fun! Wings are fun once you undertand its structure.
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I needed something like this, bless 
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I believe there are no existing tutorials about folding yet, so I figured these doodles could be of some help. You can easily find how to fold an avian wing, but not a bat one :/
The only (and first tutorial with something about folding) was this one Dragon wing tutorial, but it has only one picture about it :c
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Nice. Very easy to understand and follow. :)
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Good to know c:
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