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PL: Squad set sample

Companion to this Alpha set

The colours here are not final and kind of dull/yellow-ish because it was what I did as the initial set and realized that I fucked it up a bit due to a different colour profile. I put the alpha and this sets together on one sheet for further editing and spent a few hours on fixing the colours and arranging the stickers to fit the requirements for printing.

I have ordered a small batch of the sticker sheets.
I pray the printed version will turn alright, but I'll be able to tell only when I get it aaaand it's minimum 2 weeks of waiting time x_x

Oh and sorry I can't show you Burner completely yet. There's a reason for that, but you'll understand when I'll reveal it (:
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Hopefully we'll get to see the hidden part soon.
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Aaaaaaaah I need to know what's that secret on Burner's sticker AAAAAAAAH
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I had another Pure Light dream last night.

There was a Burner action figure with a badass prosthetic tail blade. It was even removable! 

Gosh. I'm looking forward to seeing the new page tomorrow. 
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I have some dynamic pose ideas for them: 
Vale- you could have him flying (back towards us, his face to the side) and reaching with his right paw for a star
Burner- Flying through a fire ring (angle for body front/side as in belly toward us turning his paws and upper body to the side
Electroy- jumping (front angle) to grab Vale's prosthetic foot looking very happy
Tory- doing a whirlwind with her body in the middle of it
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We can to see their personnality  :)
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I can't wait to see how Electroy gets that prosthetic, does he meet up with Vale who knows what to do, or does he return to Warfang? Also is he stretching with his hindleg there to pull off that quizzical look with his head whisker thing, or does something happen to a forepaw too? Lots of potential there! And I cannot wait to find out what happened to Burner with the hidden portion... did he lose part of a horn? Part of a wing? I cannot wait to see where you take this RusCSI, this is gonna be a good chapter for sure.

Anychance for digital version of the stickers? Programs like Telegram, Snapchat, and other emoticon software chat programs would love to have these, I'd gladly pay for the ability to use them digitally (though admittedly that would mean a good faith offering since once they are used on those programs, people viewing them can download the sticker pack free).
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Electroy is based off of a Russian meme called 'philosophic raptor'… haha

I'm not sure about making it as digital stickers for chats because I have zero experience in it and would need to read more about it first.
Novakasaldith's avatar
Philosoraptor is a classic and old meme, but still good. Not sure if the origin is indeed Russian but that meme dates back a LONG time so it possibly could be. Pre-2010 if I'm not mistaken was the first time it was ever seen though. And at least as far as Telegram it should be easy enough if every single sticker pack on there is to be believed. There's one dragon set of stickers on there that has like 3 sets that have all hit the max cap of sticker limits... it's quite insane. Other softwares I'm not too sure about though.

EDIT: Good old Know Your Meme, seems it's 2008…
EDITS 2+: Fixed typos, typing while tired... not good idea.
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You can't show Burner's tail, but you show Electroy's new prosthetic that until now we haven't seen.
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It's official. He's loosing his tail end. But i think you already know that :)
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Well we know Electroy's lost a paw. Sure it's a bit of a spoiler, but at the same time not really. I feel like this thing involving Burner's tail is something new that we haven't seen yet.
FireswordDragon's avatar
Still makes it a spoiler. It's like a Godzilla movie or a traditional heroic movie about good versus evil, you know Godzilla or that heroic hero is going to win, but you don't know how. Godzilla is obvious, most likely his Atomic Breath (god he used that so much), and the hero most likely uses a sword or something. It's like a prequel to something we already know. We know the character gets whatever he has, we don't know how. What if someone didn't know that they got that something, and they saw how they got it, and that was the first time they saw that certain something? It's like Lord of The Rings with Bilbo and the One Ring, you know he's going to get it, and you know it's inevitable.

And in the case of Burner's tail, it's getting hacked off. I don't think anyone in this primitive era has prosthetics for dragon tails. Besides, they don't need them really, they aren't Night Furies.

And with Electroy's leg, we know Vale has the prosthetic leg. Electroy could get one or a wooden stump, or a peg leg. Just look at WandererTamplior's "Survivor" Validor and his leg.
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While Poisonbeak did leave a hole in Burners tail I don't think that's what's hinted at. None of the other stickers show a tail either for the main cast. At the angle Burner is in, it's likely part of his horn or a wing that something happens to. 

For his tail to be there in the pic he'd have to arch it or be flexing it at and odd angle. And unless he attached a blade or some other weapon to it and is showing it off, I think new wing or horn damage is more likely. Pure Light is quite a grimdark comic after all with the gore and loss of life easily shown. 
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They all look adorable.
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I knew it! A prosthetic paw for Electroy!
Intmachtofficer's avatar
Elektroy and TJ are cute
Darkanioid1997's avatar
Those stickers look very good, you did a very nice job!
Well done!
savrin330's avatar
Ooooh I like Electroy's metal paw! :D
These represent the characters pretty well. :>
The expressions and poses are good for them! 
I'm guessing Burner's would be a spoiler if shown.  
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 Это что ж такое с Бёрнером, что лапу Электроя показать можно, а его - нет... ииииинтрииииигаааа~

 Хм, а разве Электрою не заднюю лапу отрезало? о.о
RusCSI's avatar
Это и есть задняя лапа, просто Электрой копирует мемасик аля филосораптор :3c
Nikary's avatar
 Ааа <D

 О том, что у филосораптора там задняя лапа, я тоже не знала х)
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Electroy got a leg like Validor's
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