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PL: Old Scars - page 33

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It's fully canon.

Okay, fluff. Fluff.
And don't ask, Isky did froze all her legs together as a kid once... ending up in a very embarrassing pose.

I'm still not sure if I got Isky's size correctly in comparison to her dad. She's smol.
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lol, that would make an interesiting side-side comic. 
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I just read the whole comics "old scars". Awww! I love it too much! <3
And your drawing style is quite amazing too! I'm happy that Pure Light is not dead with Xannador's deactivated account and that it's you who continue it. =D
Thank you for that! ^^
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You're welcome!  ;)
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Long awaited page to adore.

Also, wow, Isky IS small!
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Yep, tiny birb x)
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33 pages and still going, I can never get board with these comics and the pages are just beyond amazing, keep it up.
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I would love to see that. Little Isky tied up in her own ice. Very cute
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Seeing Isky here, so humble and glad her Dad is alive is heartwarming....

At the same time I could help to remember Cirika too.

This about it ma'am, Cirika never doubt any moment that heastah is alive when Isky thought him death. So if you extend it to reunions with Cirika, this will be her course of action in my point of view .

1) Cirika will look at her daughter and say "I told you so" when it come of the claim she say to his daughter about her mate still alive outside Warfang.
2) Cirika will look at his husband and instead of  crying about him still alive and he returning safetly, I think she will say something like "You are late" in a funny collected calm behavior because she never lose faith he was alive outside the barrier, but she's grateful he return home with her.
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Oh, you'll see. I do plan to show her.
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These "tell me something that only the real you knows" are bound to backfire xD
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Quite badly (;
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So cute. And she did WHAT? Oh well, accidents happen, I guess.
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Embarrassing childhood stories, haha
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Who doesn't have them.
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AWWW... This is exactly what I hoped to see.  Hugging her dad after he was presumed dead for the past few years.  Love 

Btw, I think you got Isky's size right.  Didn't you mention she's shorter than the average female?
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Well, females are generally smaller than males, plus Heastah got a bit bigger :3c
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I demand a picture of Isky when she was young with her legs frozen
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I'm not compromising my char xD
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Awwwww so precious ;w;
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