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"...You must go away right now, her instincts were telling her. Since the deity was preoccupied with the white dragon, she could slip away unnoticed.
But... what would become of her saviour?
The area was echoing with sounds of stones and other pieces the beast was breaking while moving in order to catch him.
How long would he be able to avoid Tiam?
Should she lend a hand?
So far, since the interruption, everything seemed to go well. Even in a limited space, with a quite fast big enemy, the white dragon was avoiding all attempts to get him gracefully, as if he was dancing, not flying to save his life. Years of training and unbelievable luck! If she survived, she'd ask him to teach her how to do that.
Yet fortune never smiled long enough, even for her favourites.
The deity was obviously annoyed by this game and decided to change her tactics, switching from the use of her jaws to multi-tasking, sort of. Now she started to use her small paws as well. The chased dragon still easily escaped all of it.
But then...
Monavera wasn't sure how, but she felt that the deity's wings would participate too (both were folded atm), and her saviour wouldn't even notice it! It was just a strange feeling? thought? instinct?, and she had to do something right now!
The Pandoran took off and tried to hurt the grey beast. Despite not having scales, the large body was as if armoured, and the black dragoness only managed to leave a few small cuts. It was not enough.
And then, to her surprise, as if on instinct, she breathed electricity!
- Aaaahaaargh, - she heard the roaring. - Who used a needle?!
... well, just now Monavera realized that she did something wrong. She had to get away. Fast.
The wings began to beat faster as she moved away. The entrance was half-blocked by fallen stones, perhaps she'd be lucky to stick through-
- Why, hello there, black beauty, - said the voice right behind her.
- Eh?! - she turned her head only to see the white dragon.
- I appreciate your concern, but I really wished you didn't do that.
- I'm sorry?! What-
The black dragoness forgot all words when she noticed the jaws in a few meters from her. She would not be able to avoid it, not this time...
- Breath-taking, isn't it?..."

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:cd: Saviour - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children OST…

Ho-ho, look at my precious draggies! Enjoying the adventure!

They look so good together, maybe I should make 'em a couple... whadda think?

A sequel may come someday~
Pandora-Drakes (c) :iconneffertity:
Everything else (c) me

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make 'em a couple!! they go awesome together!!
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Sorta did already.
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Сюрпрайз атак с хорошими маннерами. Я б тоже испугался если бы кто нибудь схади в полный голос начал говорить без предупреждения. Странная парочка вышла, хотя довольно мило.
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Match made in Heaven! Хахааааа, да, я зло :>
Shhhh, он же демон :3
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poses are rockin and new chara is AWESOME ;)
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yea, you can not run now XD
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but i think this would not end up bad for him.
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In some way it won't, but in some it will xP
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Well drawn.
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Thank you x3
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You're welcome.  :)
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Oh wow! I wasnt expecting it to turn out so colourful :iconiloveyouplz: I think the poses are great :) Haha, possibly they would make a good couple XD I always hate pairing my dragons I never know whether they would like it or not, which is dumb as they arent real and I decide whether they like it or not..but anyway XD herpderp
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Haha, I just sent you only Azu xP I like colourful/detailed characters, but argggghhh hate them at the same time as it takes ages to colour >w< Thank you for the correction one more time.
I know people who gives mates to all their characters, even teens! Like, "Dragon A, age 11 (pre-teen), mate Dragon B ???" whut. Very few characters of mine have or had a mate, I just find it unnecessary to load characters with family life when they have adventures ahead! Yeeeeha. These two maaaaaay become a couple, I already spent quite some time thinking about how and why it could happen.
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Intresting little story here, I like it. :) And I think yes, you should make them as a couple, they are fitting each other. ^^
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Thank you ^^ I'll see if it'll work out~
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I like the cinematic effect here
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