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I draw cute cartoony dragons, sometimes take commissions and lead 'Pure Light' comic.

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One winged derp
FYI what the hell Also going out through the manual opting out pain DOES NOT GUARANTEE SHIT
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20.11.2022. Application period closed. Preparing to pair up and send the info. 07.11.2022. Application period open. What is Secret Santa? Secret Santa is basically a secret gift trade. You do a gift for someone, but do not know who makes a gift for you. Once the gift is submitted, you notify the person you made the gift for. Same applies for your Secret Santa :) Who can enter? Artists only. You do not have to own a PL character to enter, but since it's PL-themed, you'll have to draw/pick a PL character. What is PL? A Spyro fancomic, set in post-DotD future where Spyro turned evil, freed Malefor and together with the dark army they managed to destroy almost the whole world, save for the last remaining place - Warfang, where the last survivors try to think of a way to overcome the fate of being annihilated. You can read the comic here -> I, @RusCSI, continue the comic since middle of chapter 3. PL Secret Santa rules: 1. You must
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I'm on a trip for a week, so the next page of PL is postponed
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Hello! I've got a question here about PL. Sorry if it's the wrong place to ask.

I tried my best to find out on my own through the wiki, but all I could get is that gravity isn't a light or dark element (according to the Chronicler's elemental tree).

Could it be possible for there to be another gravity elemental other than Casi in Warfang?

If not, then would it be possible for a wind elemental to be strong enough to be using their elemental powers to fly without wings?

And another question not relating to the lore- could I possibly make a public PL fan-comic?

Those are all the questions I want to ask. Thank you!


Gravity is a limited element, only for purple dragons (and Casi - for a reason).

Wind elemental dragon may be able to fly by using the element, I suppose, but it would probably be quite hard to maintain this "flight" for long as it would consume a lot of "mana". You are free to experiment and ponder about it though, all the more interesting it can be to have a character who would try their best despite limitations.

Fan stories and comics are more than welcome, always nice to see what people have in mind! If you have any lore related questions, feel free to poke me

The elements come from parents or grandparents, so there's a good chance if the parents had different elements, their kids may end up with different ones as well, rarely a kid can have their grandparent's element (if it was different from their parental elements), i.e. parents fire + ice = kids with either fire or ice (common), but say:

fire parent = fire + fire grandparents, ice parent = water + ice grandparents -> there's a chance fire-ice kid may have water

Hello, I wanted to ask if I may contribute some dark bois to PL? :3

Which ones are allowed? o: (rank,type,skill..)

I assume that Cursed darkers and beta are not allowed?

What about guardian skilled elites? o: