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Star Wars: Paradox (27 BBY)

By Rus-Storm
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This map shows a lot of factions, that could exist after New Sith Wars, if New Mandalorians never won and Sith never went into hiding due to survival of few more Sith Lords, including Darth Bane. So, here we go!

Galactic Republic - Obvious faction, little weaker than canon Republic, because Cos Palpatine is only a badass politician, not a Dark Lord of the Sith. He's neutral to the Jedi Order, but he supported restoration of the Jedi Temples on Tython. Grand Army of the Republic has been formed in 130s BBY, when it's been revealed, that Sith have returned. For this time Restored Sith Empire - main rival of the Republic along with the CIS - will not made the same mistakes. It was Jaster Mereel, not Jango Fett, who served as the genetic template for the clones. The clones themselves are similar to the augments from Star Trek franchise and Khan Noonien Singh.

Restored Sith Empire - Founded by Darth Tenebrous' master on Korriban, this state wishes to overthrow the Republic, finally destroy the Jedi and rule the galaxy. Just like the old times. Sith Empire also uses clones, but they are creating for one standard year with help of Spaarti cloning cylinders. However, the Empire isn't as grim as Old Sith Empire, existed from 6900 to 5000 BBY, or Second Sith Empire during Darth Malak's reign.

Confederacy of Independent Systems - Palpatine wasn't responsible for creation of the CIS. Count Carandini Dooku was. Formed by various planetary and sectorial governments, as well as some mega-corporations, that declared intentions to leave the Galactic Republic, refusing to comply with its excessive taxation and corruption in the Senate. Instead of B1, CIS uses BX-series droid commando, B2, B3 ultra battle droids and advanced B1 battle droids (from Republic Commando) as regular units. Also, CIS is much more popular in the Outer Rim, because it doesn't controlled by Palpatine/Sidious.

Mandalorian State - Much as the same as Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, but it has government, parliament (only de jure), currency. They are gonna be neutral, but sooner or later Mandalorian State will have to make a choice.

Jedi Order - Allied with the Republic, has planets, army. Luckily, the Jedi can love and have family. That's why the Jedi High Council, sat on Tython now, closed their eyes, when they heard about marriage of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mandalorian warrior Satine Kryze.

Chiss Ascendancy - Nothing new. Isolated state. Luckily, Outbound Flight already left the galaxy.

Union of Hutt Cartels - Powerful criminal empire with weak army and navy, but with stronger finanfical influence. Similar to OTL Pakistan and Burma.
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Just so you know, Palpatine's canon first name is Sheev.
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can u please give me a blank version of it?