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Final Fantasy 13: Lightning

I am a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of the Final Fantasy Franchise.....and this character is the protagonist of ff 13....her code name is lightning.

I love her character design.....according to the designer of this character.....he was trying to create "a female version of cloud.."

this pic was done with .7 lead pencil...:boogie:
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Art style reminds me of 13 treasures trilogy
CuzMyDogSaidSo's avatar
I love it kupo! It's amazing!!! Lightning-San!!!
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Woaaa! So pretty!! You made her even more gorgeous =^^=
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Oh my fucking hell  that's awesome 
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and pretty lightning too
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looks really great! how long did it take?
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not really sure, it's been awhile, and I usually work on my pictures on and off.
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you wanna try? i want a good artist
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Realmente espectacular. Sin duda dibujas muy bien. :)
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OMG the details and shading!! This is such a spectacular pic:D
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I think she is very different than cloud in too many ways to say she resembles him. This is a very good sketch btw!
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aww wow this is cool^^ epic too i love that game:0 just got it today along with 13-2 XD
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i honestly preferred 13-2 over the original :) it was pretty fun
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well i'm playing 13-2 right now as in im doing turtorials right now:) this is gonna be good best time to play on the last beofre i go off to camp for a week ^^
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I wish i could draw like this! i love it<3
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WOW. This is absolutely stunning.
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impressive detail :3
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wow awesome job!!!
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