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Whaddup, everyfur and everypony?! I’m going to keep this one brief so no one’s left in the dark about what’s to come from yours truly. My new king-sized mattress came in two days ago, shortly after the new frame to go with it. OBVIOUSLY, setting this up will means some inactivity from moi. But only for a day or so. My folks will thank me immensely for handing them this old mattress that I held onto for three years. Thought it was time for an upgrade, no? WELL WORTH IT…! NOW for the art world: the 3rd and last page for the prolonged Pinkie Pie comic is still in the works. I should have a TEENY TINY sneak peek available in a day or two. Now that I’m a school graduate for the time being, I’ve got more time on my hands (or paws). Keep in mind, though: I still need to play catch up with the past overdue requests before opening up again, plus the assets needed for the remainder of my reaction videos. SPEAKING OF ARTS: about the previously mentioned donation drive, I’m thinking of starting



Hey guys. Your fuzzy blue boi again! Just wanted to extend upon some of my previous update. Let me get this one thing over with first, so that it is all good in the hood. Some of you may have asked about my long-neglected Discord server. Well, after some much needed thinking, as well as how I’m going to go about making my own “system” for this server… I have decided that I’m gonna play a little catch up with all y’all over there! BUT… under a number of “teeny-tiny” conditions: To start off, I’ll still be on and off of this and other means of virtual communications, like social media; however, I will check back from time to time, just to see how yer doing and if y’all need me or the like. Important stuffs around the fandoms. SECOND and MOST IMPORTANT: speaking of being away, someone asked about a possible Moderator for my server. I know some of you may want to take the role (there’s no limit as of yet), but before you say “yes”, I have a few questions of my own: what makes a



(no, I do not condone using drugs) HOWEVER, I DO condone this update, because why not. Yarp! Just wanted to let y’all know that while yer waiting ever so kindly for that third and last Pinkie Pie comic page, I have a SURPRISE adult comic page in the works that I just came up with! Boy, it’ll be somethin’…! XD And I just came up with an idea for a custom-made zentai suit, and it can be made to look like… well, you should know by now! X3 HOWEVER, like many things in life, it does not come cheap. And hopefully, it’ll come out the way I want it to, or your boi will demand a refund. XD (a fursuit is too costly in my end, so I felt this was the next best thing, yes?) And I MAY get back to Discord soon enough. I sure miss the semi-frequent chatters there…. ONE MOAR THING! Y’all still interested in seeing what I have in store for my first donation drive? As previously mentioned, I wanted to do something different, yet familiar. I promise yer gonna LOVE this. Like the other drives out


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Strikecomment63Hobbyist Writer

Hey uh.. i think i got an idea for you

s1carlosreyesHobbyist Digital Artist
I take you are very busy with your own projects at the moment, but a reply would still be appriciated.
RupertBlueFoxHobbyist Digital Artist


I replies back, Totodude. How have ya been?

I was refering to the note that I sent you, taht you opened and since then didn't come back to, Rupert. <X3

You'd actually know how I am if you'd read my journals once in a while. I was at a hospital after an accident last summer and this year I'll probably have to get a second surgery on my left leg to replace the muscle that got hurt.
Aside from that, I tried my best to stay positive like usual. Hope the new year will be good for everybody.