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Although all fans of this genre are likely to have encountered most of its match-3 patterns or styles before, the game succeeds in providing an awesome variety of board designs and challenges that keep each level feeling fresh and enlivening. You make matches on top of the grass to uncover latent garden gnomes and collect various flower tiles only after you fill up a stationary flowerbox and dig through dirt to track and reach concealed emeralds. Then you contend yourself with rotating pads of lily, ice-encased stuff like fruits, heavy boulders, racks of acorns and dozens of other hurdles that create a host of diverse challenges, most of which are often fused in interesting and unique ways. The game guide is there to help you come out of the hurdles easily.

The encounters in game

As you level up, you will often encounter multiple trials like locating gnomes and assimilating lemonade or breaking different rocks for getting into inaccessible flowerboxes, all of which are interspersed with more customary and standard requests reading “collect 50 apples.”

    ·         That’s pretty standard for games of this genre. Most levels entail a finite number of plots and turns pertaining to the completion of goals.

    ·         Some of them are however, time-based. For example, you reach the target within one minute.

    ·         It adds another layer and aspect of novelty to an existing variety-packed mobile game.

The different shades of the game

Quite contrary to various match-3 games, every colored piece in the game is unique. They’re made of acorns, fruits, droplets of flower and water along with Shelly. I remember her to be green-red colorblind. She assured me that she has no problems whatsoever distinguishing between shades like she has performed in similar games. Let me tell you that the game has its own issues. Just like the barrage of free-to-play games out there and so-called apps, here too you can use real cash to purchase those in-game coins and stars.

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The winsome parts

One of the most favorite aspects of Gardenscapes: New Acres match-3 levels are the underlying fact that they feel winnable and clearly understandable even as you level up to higher difficulty stages.

    ·         You’ll find many levels require a series of replays before players can achieve the target. However, victory seldom feels totally out of your hands.

    ·         Even if it does appear to be so at any moment, you can use game tricks to steamroll past any obstacle in the house.

More on the fold

You can use the coins to trade for boosters, lives or use them for speeding up tasks happening within the green top. I got rewarded with the coins when I simply played the game. The bad thing is that it was a paltry amount. For every level I completed, I received 50-75 coins. I was horrified to find that it costs a whopping 900 to just refill all your lives and even more to purchase boosters. But since I knew how to hack homescapes game, I could get unlimited coins for free.

The core game parts

The fact that you never feel you’re out of the race for victory is largely due to the fact that the game gives you very few power-ups in the optional domain. 

    ·         Players can take one booster into the stage when you first begin to have a rainbow or explosive from the start. However, the only item you can buy and use in this level is the single-tile-eliminating shovel.

    ·         You can have everything else at your disposal just by playing. You earn all explosives by making rainbow blasts and matches.

    ·         They remove each part of a designated tile. You receive them once you’ve detonated a sufficient number of explosives.

The next pathway

Now that you know about the boosters, you will find that the smaller assortment of boosts impede the game from feeling like another threadbare pay-to-win outing. Instead, it focuses on your matching skills and the occasional luck or gift of the drop. Even if it does crop up the pay to win modality, fret not. It’s a simple process. Find a trusted site, go to the generator page, follow some simple steps and get all the resources at the drop of a hat.
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