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Just John by ruojasaatana Just John by ruojasaatana
If anyone wonders and doesn't know, he's Martin Freeman as John (BBC's Sherlock). He's become one of my favourite actors quite recently. I might be back-ish with my studies. I do not know yet. I also have that one ACEO card DONE. I just need to fix a couple of things with a colour pencil and cut it from the paper and it's ready to be sent. FINALLY. Sorry about that, if you happen to read this, dear receiver.

So, just copying my comments from another site:

Drawing this was really pleasant in a way. I cursed his face so many times I lost count. I cursed my own talent and abilities. I cursed the fuckiní computer and tablet even though I was perfectly aware it wasnít their fault. But then I got it pretty much done and realised this is what I love to do. No matter how much I fail during the process. No matter how much I still need to learn. I love drawing and painting and even pointless doodling around which this kind of is, even though it took hours thanks to my easily distracted character and a couple of interruptions. Itís also a face study, which I should do a lot more. And other studies, oh man, how I should and perhaps and most likely too, will.

So yeah, to whoever blames me for raping a character or a person, I can proudly say that I enjoyed it so fuckiní much that I would definitely do it again.
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January 5, 2012
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