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Sketch 9.27.2021: male wolf pup expressions


I always really admired animators and even taken classes in the field. It was more work than I was anticipating, but it really did help me as an illustrator. Anyways, this was based on the Expression sheet sketches by Alexander Snow. I feel as illustrators, we tend to just default to “sexy” or “cute” facial expressions, but we don’t often push ourselves to displaying the full range of facial expressions, including the derpy ones. Planning to use this as a kind of emotion reference for myself, but will try to deviate to more of my own style.

I think I was in sixth grade when I seriously first started drawing. (Link:… )

And as I got older, I tend to draw the characters around the same age until I start getting into my thirties, lol. I was in highschool when I tried to draw a young character as Cubs and pups. But back then I was basing my style on simplified Anime style, and around that time Pokémon was released in the USA (and the character expressions the way they were drawn you can say was a bit “simplistic”)
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