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Birthday Gift for PixiePastel94

Gift for Pixiepastel94 

Here's your birthday present Pixie!!! I drew some of my favorite of your characters, Ion, Seal, and Pastel!
I couldn't just pick one so instead I picked 3 hahaha
Pastel is one I know the least about but I really love his design~
Can't wait to see what else you have in store for them!
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always so beautiful! your art is always amazing! <3 the characters looks very cute in your style! <3
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Thank youuu! Beautiful boys UuU, I loved drawing them.
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they are so colorful! 
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OH MY FREAKING GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0-0 ARE YOU SERIOUS. i'm balling right now because my babies are so beautiful in your style. they have come to life. my dear, you just gave more motivation towards my dreams and the story itself. oh my! xxx33333333333333333333333333. even my babies love it.

ion: 0-0 my goodness. i never knew that i look so beautiful in your style, i'm just speechless

seal: x333333333333333333333 i'm such a cutie here, but your style just makes me even more cuter!! wow you're freaking badass <33333.

pastel: Miuna Blushing Icon oh my!!!!!!!!! is it just me or did your style makes me more beautiful. you did a beautiful job i'm utterly speechless. you have taken my breath away.

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Waaaah I freakin love youuu~
You praise me too much!

I'm so glad that you like it! I may have to draw them more often if it gets you pumped lol~ the little comics hype me up a lot haha. Especially the one with Jojo and Seal XD my fav pair hahaha

The boys are all so precious~~~ awww <3 thank you so much. Seal is my baby hahaha I just love him~ I'm eager to learn more about them!
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and you will my dear <33333. i'm so happy to meet you :3

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