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Fonts Used In Twilight

I want you guys to tell me if this works :D

So a few people have asked me for links to the fonts I use in my editing, and I've just decided to post them so everyone can use them :D Enjoy.

It includes Edward's, Alice's, and Bella's fonts. If you guys like this one I can make another that has Charlie's, Aro's, Jacob's, and the actual Twilight font.

Enjoy and remember, I like comments and :+fav:'! :)

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You have made me sooo happy. These fonts are perfect ♥
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thank you I used this in my writing and my teachers are like" your hand writing has gotten good with your vampire style" I felt so good thank you soo much
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God u maked me happy! :B
Konachanlucky3's avatar
hell yes do it do it do it!!!!!! plz
Vampyre-Alchemist's avatar
Thanks so much for getting these up for us! And I love Edward's font. :3
Thanks so much- These fonts are great!
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Hey, i wasn't sure if i had to link back to you, but i thought i would just in case, so i used this font here: [link]
Thanks (:
Edward miss -ø -æ -å

i love them!
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thanks so much! I've been searching for something like this for months!
These r really good!!thnx!
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Hey, Beautiful Fonts! :love:
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I really laughed my ass off when I found out that there is an font called Edwardian script and it looks like his handwriting! But it's not a new font because my mother already used it 10 years ago!!!
lol is that really bella's handwriting hahaha XD no wonder she said its nothing compared with Edwards lol jkjkjk...hehe
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Oh wow these are mega cool :D
Xxmusic-is-lifexX's avatar
Great! Thanks for making them! (:
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Do you install these like you install the brushes? I can't seem to find a place in the preset manager! Hmmm I use photoshop 5 any help?
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You must install them in your computer. It's under the control panel with the folder 'Fonts'
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great brushes :) I used them in my wedding invitation :heart:
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You. Are. Absolutely. AMAZING!
I've been looking EVERYWHERE for the font that was used for Edwards writing, and here it is! Thank you for posting!
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Thanks for making these! I've downloaded them and they work for me! :D
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No problem :) I hope you enjoy them!
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