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Ds Journey-26
Concentrating was hard.   Jeff or his sister Lisa would be the best bets, but they almost a thousand miles away not to mention the little issue at hand. He'd always given Lisa a hard time about being so short. Having the tables turned would be weird.  His parents weren't an option - at least not right away.  And certainly not the police.  She was still his legal guardian and if he never saw her again it would be too soon.  That left those communities he’d heard about, but he didn’t want to make a mistake and he didn’t even know where they were.  It was looking like he’d have to see if she’d take him back to her place to buy some time.  She seemed nice enough and people hooked up all the time.. but this was a giant girl he knew nothing about and it wasn’t for a hookup.  He’d have to trust her.

He found himself pacing nervously.   The smell of coffee wasn’t making it easier. And just as he thought he’d worked it out in his head it hit him maybe he could stay here in a drawer for a day or so while Jeff or Lisa flew in.  Naw .. she’d never do it.   Maybe there was a hotel for people like him. Did he need papers or something to say he didn’t need a guardian?  

Time was moving slowly, but finally his room began to move.  He had to squint as light filled the space.

“psst! ready?” came the whisper as a hand dropped down about fifteen feet in front of him.

He could see halfway up her shirt from here with more appearing as he walked towards the hand.  He gave up trying to see her face and kept walking as her fingers formed a shape that could wrap around him.

It was a short ride up and over and into an open purse.  She looked around nervously to make sure no one was watching.

“Here we go” she said quietly.

Before he could prepare himself he had fallen over backwards as he and the purse accelerated upwards.

“See ya tomorrow Mr Cowan!” she said cheerfully to a giant he couldn’t see.  A door swung open and they were presumably out of the office.,

“We’re going to my place.  You can tell me where to take you when we’re there, but I’m zipping you in now.” she said quietly.

Before he could say anything a zipper ran across the top of the purse leaving  only a few holes for light to come through and what felt like a handkerchief and a lot of tissue paper.  There was the smell of cheap vinyl. At least she was making an effort.

It was obvious when they were on the street and later just as obvious down in the subway.  She hadn’t told him how long the ride would take.


Jolene finally had Mary calmed down enough that she could leave around four. There was discrete services.  If she could hold them off enough maybe he’d get away. On the other hand being in New York at that size wasn’t exactly safe and he didn’t have much experience.  So finding him might make more sense.  On her way to the subway she pulled out her phone to call Fernando.

’Shit!’ she said to herself

The message stopped her in her tracks.  Her heart pounded as she typed in her reply and waited

I tend to write the stories around the time I finish rendering an image and then to be hasty without much in the way of editing.  Every once and awhile I re-read one and do some editing.  I just that that with ds journey-25 so it will dovetail better into where the next image will probably be. So if you're carefully following the story and read it before this was posted, you might want to go back and look at the updated version.
ds journey-25s
Where to start - she had a hundred questions.

“Do you live down here?”

She was pretty sure he was shaking his head ‘no’

“I’m trying to get away from kidnappers.  I made it to here so far.”

‘whoa’  she thought.  Maybe this was a real like thriller.

“Do ..”

He interrupted before she could finish. “I need your help.”

“If I can..”  A little adventure would be great - as long as it was safe. “Where are they?”

It wasn’t the right time to go into details.  He had to focus her on just getting out.  

“Just get me out of here so no one seems me.  Can you do it?”

She thought for a second. He was awfully small, but people’d see if she held him..  She looked over to the dumpster .. there would be some boxes inside.

“I could fish out a little box from the dumpster ..”

“Bad idea..  insects and spiders..”

“shit .. didn’t think about that.  A spider’d be like a cat or dog, right?”  

What else..?   Her hair was probably too short to hide him and he might slip anyway.  Her pants had a lot of pockets, but they’d be too tight against her legs.  Her shirt didn't have any but maybe she could slip him in.  No bra so that wouldn't work, but .. 

“I could put you in my shirt and tuck it in so you wouldn’t fall out.”

He had always liked to put his arm around a girl’s waist, but …

“How tight is it?”

“I could fit six of you and no one’d notice.  It just might be a little bumpy.”

“I guess… whatever works” he said a bit reluctantly.

“How do  you want me to pick you up?”

Taylor walked towards the canyon entrance.  He was about to tell her to lay her hand on the ground when her right hand swooped towards him with impressive speed.  Instinctively he froze while, at the same time, his nervous system screamed run.  Time seemed to speed up and before he could respond, three fingers had closed on his hips and waist.  As the initial shock faded he realized his  feet had left the ground.

“What the fuck!"

She abruptly stoped.  He was pinned between her fingers suspended about twenty feet off the floor.

“Something wrong?”

“You shouldn’t move in like that.”

"I was just picking you up.. it seemed.."

Her voice trailed off as she thought about it from his perspective.   He’d just walked out and it seemed like the right thing to do, but to him her hand was like powerful.

“I forgot how.. ..  I’ll move a little slower..  sorry.."

He was rising again, this time it seemed to be along with her.  Looking over about a dozen feet and up another five or six he could see her the contour of her breasts.  

“Gotta lift up my shirt.  Okay withstanding on my hand?  I’ll hold it next to my hip.”

“I guess.”

Her hand was the largest he’d seen so far.  Not that it made much of a difference - every giant had huge hands.   He stepped on and sat down for stability.

“Glad I was watching.  I can barely feel you.  Oh, sorry.  I wasn’t thinking.  ‘ probably not the right thing to say to a guy you’ve just met.”

He didn’t laugh or comment, but watched as her other hand pulled the left side of her shirt about up to his waist level and out a few feet.  Her thick leather belt was a couple of feet high and the buckle had to be as wide as his legs were long.  Damn these giants seemed even bigger close up. He looked back at the open tent of shirt she had created.   She probably wanted him to crawl in.

“Grab it from the inside and see if you can hang on.    Maybe  climb up a bit so I can tuck it in.”

Taylor ducked under the heavy cloth and gathered some in each hand.  His back to her belly, he leaved against her.  There was the rhythm of her breathing and her heartbeat, but it was too solid to move.  He pushed off her hand and climbed four or five feet. It would have been easier with bare feet rather than shoes against her skin.  Not that he could do anything about it, but he kept looking down to make sure she kept her hand there just in case.  The floor was a long way down.

“It’s working.”

That tickled - the feeling of his clothes moving against her bare skin.  She struggled to not react.  Maybe something funny in case she did.

“Just don’t go up to my boobs.”

“I promise not to look - besides, it’s dark and they’re still way up there.”

The idea that he’d have to climb to get to her boobs somehow struck her as funny.  Without a lot of success she tried to hold back a laugh. She'd read about mixed-size couples, but it seemed too foreign and probably kinky.  Maybe this was how... 

“Doesn’t bother me if you look at ‘em or grab 'em and hold on..  It's all those dumpster trips were a workout so it’ll be all sweaty and gross under ‘em.”  She paused and looked down .. she’d have to tuck the shirt in all the way around. Fortunately there was a bit of space.   “Hang on - I’m tucking it in now.”
His left hand lost its grip and the moving curtain of cloth shifted him around.   With the shirt tucked in it was even darker.   Dark, moist and, as  per her warning, smelling of sweaty girl.

“I’m sliding down to where it’s tucked in.”

His voice was muffled, but she could feel him slide a bit and come to a stop.  She could see a little bulge, but no one would notice.  She hadn’t really thought about how much shaking there would be when she walked.  Since she was about thirteen, she tried to develop a sway for her walk.  Now she needed to turn it off.

“I’ll take a few steps and check on you.”

Being up against this much flesh was intimidating in a new way.  It would shift forward and then back with her steps, the cloth under and around him moving in response.  She probably couldn’t even feel him.  She was probably underestimating the number of people she could hide in here.  He moved more towards the center and reached over to her naval.  Unfortunately it was too slippery from sweat to get a good grip.   She must have been pushing herself hard moving trash. 

“sure everything’s tucked in?”  he yelled.

“I think you asked if it’s tucked in..  yep!  Will this work?  I’ll walk real slow.”

“I think so”

“We’ll go back upstairs now.  I’ve gotta work for a few more hours. So maybe a desk drawer or something?”

He said something, but it was downed out by a truck that had just pulled in.  The elevator door closed and they were on their way she made her way to the elevator.


Mary was fuming.

“I want my money back. All of it and any interest you made.”

“You’re his guardian.  He’s your responsibility now.  I’m here to help.   I think we could get an agency over here.”

“Give me back my money and get out of my life,”  

“I’ll leave now.  Just be careful.  He might be frightened and may come back on his own.”

“OUT!” Mary commanded.

Jolene heard the door slam as she walked towards the elevator.  She kept walking and talked at some of the chairs.

“If you’re hiding you have to get away Taylor.  She’s too dangerous now.” She pointed to a chair at the far end of the area.   “If you’re around leave me a sign in that corner. I’ll be back tomorrow morning and maybe we could figure something out.”

She turned and walked back to the elevator.

Inside her apartment Mary finally took action and called the concierge.


Amie walked into the filing room and shut the door.

“We’re here” she said as she put her left hand against her hip.  “Hang on.. I’m gonna pull out my shirt and you can get on my hand.”

Taylor had moved far enough away from the edge of her hip that her hand wasn’t directly under him as her shirt suddenly pulled up.  He managed to hold on, but his his feet were dangling more than four stories  above the floor.

She didn't feel the little weight she had expected.  Looking down she managed to pull her shirt a bit farther out and up.

“There you are!” she said as she slipped her palm under him without realizing the surge of adrenalin he just had.  It was so cute how he had thrown his arms around her thumb.  She opened a drawer with her other hand and set him inside.

It must have been an ancient Steelcase drawer.  They were made like battleships and now it seemed as big - it’s walls must have been ten feet high.  Aside from a few boxes of paper clips it was empty.

Her hips were slightly above the rim of the drawer and she was looking around.  Finally she bent in his direction.

“I’ve gotta get some work done even if it’s shitty make work. I’ll be in her mostly, but I’ll close the drawer almost all the way just in case. We’ll talk later.”

Before he could respond the drawer started moving with a jerk almost knocking him over.  Soon the only light came from a strip about a foot wide near the front.  He was going to sit down and wonder how to kill time when it jerked into motion again.  There she was.

“You probably need something soft” she said as she dropped a handkerchief in with him.  I'll be back in about an hour.”

This time he was prepared for the jolt.  Soon the even narrower skylight was the only view out.  He thought he heard the door open and then office noises drifted in.  Taylor tried to make himself comfortable on the thick fabric as he made a mental list of safe places to go to.

Amie, for her part, got down to filing files of papers.  She was learning there wasn't a lot of organization here and if this was even worthwhile.  Everyone has to go through something like this, but it'd be nice if you learned something considering what they paid.  At least she had the extra bedroom in Uncle Steve and Aunt Faye's place.  It was a bit of a commute, but for what she was saving the LIRR ticket seemed cheap.  She'd probably even break even, which wouldn't happen if she had to find a real apartment. 

Every five minutes or so she'd look over at the drawer and when one of the other girls came in to find something she got up nonchalantly blocking only path to that filing cabinet.  Fortunately it wasn't an issue. but she'd become nervous.  

She wouldn't tell him, but hoped he'd come back to the place with her tonight so they could talk.  So many questions and this might be her only chance to talk to a downsized person face to face. It had surprised her she had that little erotic reaction when he tickled her.  For sure he was handsome and probably built, but he was like mouse sized. She wondered why it happened and if he had a reaction to her other than being scared.  She couldn't imagine what she must look like from down there. Or smell like for that matter. And if he didn't come back with her at least she knew she'd be online looking for information. 


The more detailed 3200 pixel final render goes out to donors.
ds journey-24s
Apart from the instructor there were only three at the safety meeting. Something about insurance rates, the introduction  was mandatory for anyone working in the building. Lucia felt sorry for the woman who had to read the notes - at least here wasn’t a test.

“I know it was boring, but at least you get bagels after you’ve signed off that you’ve heard the lecture.”

Lucia signed and looked at the bag.  Absolute Bagels..  

“The legendary ones?”  she asked

“Absolutely.  Fresh too..  still cooking two hours ago.”

She took an everything bagel that now held what seemed like a ton of cream cheese and left.   She’d pick up her cart, check on him, and then her next client.  Standing in front of the elevator the urge hit and she modified her plan.  She stepped in and took a bite.

“My God that looks wonderful!”  

The tall blonde with the bob cut and green everything looked hungry.  The door closed and she pushed button for the fourth floor.

“Want a bite?”

She looked confused for a second before pulling out an AirPod.

“Music" she said waving the little device. " what did you say?”

Lucia held up the bagel.  “Like a bite?”

“Can a duck swim!”

Lucia ripped off about a third and handed to the hungry looking young woman.

“SO GOOD!  Where’d ya get it?”

“A safety meeting.”

“Shit!  I had mine and we got were old doughnuts.”

Lucia realized they were going up.  She needed to get to the maintenance level.  Oh well - it was nice meeting someone close to her age.

“ ‘ haven’t seen you around.” the blonde said between bites.

“First week.  I’m with East Side cleaning. Half my clients are here and the other half at a place a block up.  Trying to save money.”

“Pay okay?”

“Fifteen an hour plus these are rich people who tip and that’s pretty much off the books.”

“I’m just a Summer intern.  I thought I’d be getting property management experience, but half of it’s making coffee for the boss.  Now I’m sorting old files that can be thrown, so it’s back and forth to the dumpster.”  

She was licking cream cheese from her fingers.

“So good!” she said transferring what was left to her left hand and extending her right “Your badge says Lucia.  I’m Amie - with an i e.”  The door opened and she continued before stepping out.  “My floor - more paper to throw out.”

On the way back down Lucia realized she was on the wrong elevator.  She got off on the floor she’d been to and scored another bagel before walking to the maintenance elevator.


“Call missing persons!”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea right now.”  Jolene’s face couldn’t mask her sense of worry.

“I’m his guardian and he escaped.”

Jolene looked right into Mary’s eyes “There could be a competency hearing Mary.”

“But I’m his guardian.  I make the rules.”

“In New York anyone over eighteen and taller than a twelve inches can be a legal guardian.  The only requirement is you read the guidelines we went over.”  pausing she made sure she had good eye contact. “But if there’s a problem you have to show you’ve met the standards.  That means they can have a court hearing and even fines or jail if there’s abuse.”

Mary turned around considering her options.  

“Get on the floor and keep looking.” she ordered.

Jolene turned over the couch and quickly found a hole big enough to reach in.  Feeling around inside she wondered what she’d do if she found him.

“You’re ruining my day Eugene.” Mary said as loud as she could.   “Come out now or there won’t be any food or water for you.”


“Here for my cart” Lucia said to Eduardo.  Looking up from his newspaper he pointed to the area with a gold badge on the floor and then immediately went back to his paper and Diet Pepsi.

It had been moved a bit.  She scanned its base as she released the brake and pushed it towards the elevator. No sign of him.  Maybe he managed to get out.  That’d be a weight off her mind.  She wasn’t keen on trying to get him out of here. And at least he had her contact information.  He’d call if there was a problem and maybe they’d get together soon.

Third floor.  She pushed the cart into the hall and got down on her knees for a better look.  

“Taylor? No one’s here…”

No answer.  There weren’t many places he could hide and since they’d be alone it wouldn’t be a problem.  She felt relieved as she stood back up and walked to the next apartment on her list.  She’d Google to learn more about them so she’d be better prepared if they went out.  She didn’t know anyone who’d gone out with a DSer.  That and he was awfully cute.  There were a lot of questions she’s never really thought about.

An interesting day so far - not to mention the extra bagel she'd have for her next break.


The elevator was opening.  Rather than watch, Taylor made it back inside the canyon, turning around just as four stories of green pants swished by.  Running back to the entrance he watched the blonde giant lift an apartment-sized box and dump it into the dumpster. Maybe this would be his last chance today.  


Two more loads should do it and then back to filing and coffee making. They didn’t know how to mange interns.  At least she’d get a recommendation. The basement was hot and humid and more than a bit creepy. She turned down the music and gave a quick look around.  

There!  - on the floor.  Something moved!  A rat?  That’d be all she needed today.  She started moving closer to the opposite wall by the ladder, but  her curiosity finally took over.  It’d give her a story.  The Summer intern in the rat infested basement.

Suddenly she turned towards him and was looking at the canyon entrance.  This girl giant was suddenly very real and frightening.  Instinctively Taylor moved back away from the entrance.

She was starting to bend.  There were two closely spaced bangs from behind as the boxes slammed back against the wall.  Then scraping sounds and the canyon got wider and light flooded in.  Dust and debris showered down on everything.  Turning and looking up and then up again he made eye contact.  At least he thought he did.   Looking right at him, she was beginning to knell.  A chill ran down his spine.  Eighty feet of giant was blocking his only escape.

‘Oh my God! Oh my God!” she thought as she looked at the trapped little man.  Her mind raced trying to come up with the right words.

“I won’t hurt you little guy.   Who are you?  I’m Amie.”  she said as she pulled out the left AirPod and then the right. He was standing in a  dark spot - she couldn’t see him well. enough to make out his expression.   She could see the mousetraps.

“Careful!  There’ a fucking mousetrap to your left.”

A bit dizzy, Taylor leaned against one of the boxes for support.  It was time to talk.  He had to make the right impression.

“I’m Taylor.”

“I’m Amie.. oh, shit!  I already told you right?  ‘just that I don’t meet someone like .. well.  Actually I never have.  I mean until now.”

Although their perspectives were diametrically opposed, she was as nervous as he was.  She knew bits and pieces about them from TV and videos and there was that essay she wrote in high school on why people first signed up to be downsized, but mostly it was a mystery to her.  These were just people except for one thing and that was enough for this social taboo.  Even religion had come out against it.  Finally meeting someone she didn’t know how to act.  And he probably didn’t have any idea what her intensions were.  Maybe if she could see his face better it would be easier to make a connection.


The more detailed 3200 pixel final render goes to donors.
ds journey-23s
“Finally!” Mary snapped “Find him!  The little coward must be hiding right under my nose!”

Jolene handed Mary her keys.  

“I found these in the door. Tell me what happened.”

“He’s in here somewhere…”

“Your door was open.  He could be out there. We’ve gotta try that first or he could get away.”  She didn’t mention that he already might be gone and that size was his advantage unless they spotted him.

She led Mary to the hallway closing the door behind.  This side of the building had four apartments each with two doors.  The elevator was on the other side of a large sitting lounge and the maintenance elevator at the far end of the hall. Small tables and some very comfortable looking chairs were scattered through the lounge  The tables had bowls os nuts, fresh fruit and chocolates.  Everything looked very expensive.

“If he made it out here he’s probably under a chair unless another apartment door or the elevator was open.   I’ll check the elevator I came  up on just in case.  Could you look under the chairs?”

The notion of bending didn’t square with Mary’s idea of what she should be doing so she walked the length of the hall glancing under tables and making threats.

“Eugene.  You come out.  I’ve been so good to you and now you’re making me cross…”

Jolene got in the elevator wondering what she’d do if she found him.  There wasn’t any place to hide on the floor, but someone would have to look.  If he made it this far he could probably stay hidden if he wanted and she knew he wanted.  She went back up to help Mary.

“If he did manage to get in he could ride to other floors.  It would be hard to find him.”

In the elevator Jolene realized a tracking dog could probably do the trick  It probably wasn’t a bad idea, but she wanted to give him some time if he really did get away.  Mary had signed the papers and was his legal guardian so there was no way her company had to worry at this point.  She returned to Mary’s floor and motioned to her door.

“He’s not there.  It’s more likely he’s hiding inside.  He couldn’t have left while we were looking.” She still wondered how much of a chance to get outside.   “How long was the door open?”

Mary tried to think.  

“Not long.  I called you five minutes after I got home.”

“So about twenty minutes.  Twenty five max.  He can’t move very fast.  I’ll carefully check under the chairs.  Go in and keep the door closed and keep looking.”

Mary slammed the door on her way in.

“I’m going to call the fumigator Eugene.   Come out now!”

Jolene carefully turned each chair on its side and looked as best she could.  Even then there would still be places for someone that small to hide.

“Taylor?  If you’re around I’ll try and help.” she whispered wondering how he’d survive without someone’s help.

Nothing.  ‘As if he’d trust me anyway.’ she thought.

Fifteen minutes went by.  If he was around and wanted her help there were a lot of chances.  She knocked on Mary’s door and walked in.

“Okay.  Show me everywhere you’ve looked.”


Shit!  An old fashioned mouse trap. He came to a halt and carefully made his way around the trap that was probably as long as he was tall - maybe longer.  Something had managed a meal recently   There was a bit of fresh looking cheese, but the trap hadn’t sprung.  The mouse - or rat - must be clever.  Further back in the dark box canyon he could make out two more traps.  Mouse sized and smaller than a rat, he didn’t want to meet either.

A giant dolly rattled by.  He didn’t get much of a view, but it was a giant man in some kind of uniform.  The idea of male giants bothered him more than the female variety and there was something about that girl giant he couldn’t quite place that made him trust her.  It was probably stupid, but  waiting for a woman seemed like a good strategy and maybe the only thing he had at this point.   And what if no one came?  Could he make it through the night?

The giant with the dolly made three more trips and the area returned to its normal background noises.  Staying close to the canyon entrance, Taylor walked out to assess the situation and see if there were safer places to hide.   The space was enormous and familiar.   It was a lot like the loading dock he worked at during that Summer between high school and college.  He was confined to about one hundred by thirty feet eight hours a day.  This was more like a quarter mile by way over a football field in places.  The  ceiling was impossibly high.  

There were other boxes down at the other end of the dock, but that would take him past the loading area.  In the other direction was bounded by a wall and two dumpsters.  One looked like it was open. If rats were around here, that’d probably be the place.  His mind wandered.  The number fourteen point something….  six feet would be eighty four feet.  And back to that loading dock nine years ago.  He had to take care of the rat traps.  There would be two or three a week.  They loved the dumpster.

“Fuckers!”  he yelled into the void.

The freight elevator’s motor started up and Taylor scurried back to the relative safety of the box canyon.

A shadow shifted and and shoes and pants flashed by at thirty or forty miles an hour. Familiar green pants and shoes.  Maybe that giant girl?  Then a crash off to the right about where the  dumpsters were.  He walked forward and waited for a better glimpse.

Definitely female and looking straight ahead.  It was her!  He rushed out as the gust of wind from the motion of her jeans swirled by.  

“Hey!  Miss!  Stop!”


The more detailed 3000 pixel final render goes to donors.


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I only do gentle giantesses and gave up on commissions some time ago. I do accept donations. Those people get the full sized more detailed renders and some that aren't posted here. DM me if you're interested in details.


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