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The people were mostly ok - respectfully curious - but standing next to the van most of the time was frustrating. Worse now as her feet were beginning to hurt.  Normally you’d lean against something, but it might not take her weight.  Shifting her weight and moving a bit helped, but she needed a break. She watched and waited and waited and waited.  Finally!

“Mr Rossi?”

He looked around and kept walking.

“Up here -it’s Tanya”

He stopped and lookeup to the young giant.

“i really need a break .. my feet and I’ve gotta”  she silently spoke the word ‘pee’  “fifteen, twenty minutes tops”

“ .. a half hour if you need it, just be careful with the crowd.”

“Thank you!”  she looked down and found a path “excuse me..  excuse me..  just stand back so I can move my foot over here.”  People slowly parted at first, but moved out of the way as she moved.  The parting of the crowd.  It felt  — well — weird.

Out on the main street she had to blend with traffic  Ducking under the wires was a pain, but it was only three blocks until the side street that’d pass the park.  One of the portable rest stations lived back towards the trees and she made a beeline   It’s still  embarrassing to have all of those people watching as she pulled the curtain up from its frame.  It was opaque enough and had that nasty cheap inflatable toy vinyl smell.  It was her first time in this one.  She poured some of the composting powder into the bucket even though it was just pee. Not ideal, but bless the the engineering department for making these tickets to freedom.

She stowed the toilet and laid down on the grass.  Probably not the ace move with considering the  dreidel, but she figured it’d clean up and the backside would be facing the building mostly.  Besides, she thought, aren’t giants supposed to be covered with dirt?

It was calm but he clouds raced overhead. Maybe a change of weather was on the way.  No matter - that one looks like a dog cow..  and …   Then something small struck her ear.  A bird?


She sat up and looked the small blue disk on the grass.  That’s what hit her.   She picked up the Frisbee for a better look.  Last year she got into ultimate frisbee for awhile and was pretty good..   She flipped it between her fingers. Could she throw it properly?

“Sorry”  the male voice repeated. she looked down.  Three boys and a girl - maybe fifteen or sixteen.  They were whispering to each other.

“I don’t bite you know.” she said.

“Joel’s a klutz.” one said pointing to another boy.    

“no way!  you can’t catch!”

The girl spoke up.  “You’re that giant, right?”

She wanted to say ‘no shit Sherlock’, but just smiled and nodded.  She gave it a little toss with her fingertips, but it tumbled down to the ground.

“If I had one my size..”

“You’d probably take out a tree” one of the boys said.

“Or a car…” chimed in another.

How’d you get so big?” said another.

“radiative geese”

They didn’t laugh. Did they believe her?

“Come around here much?”

She shook her head., “working today”

“Oh...” the girl said looking a her dreidel “that’s so ..”


“Whatever..” said the teen. “What’s it likel being a giant?”

“Sucks .. mostly”

“Really?  I think it’d be cool.”

As she rose as at least four pairs of eyes followed.

“You don’t need to stare..  I mean you guys are all so tiny and I don’t stare at you.”

She gave a wave and started back.

“I’d love to be that tall” the girl said. And they went back to their game.


She threaded her way through the crowd the same way she left - one step at a time. Halfway through she thought she head a familiar voice.  


“Over here”

It’s really hard find people when all you see is mostly hair an bald heads.  He waved and they made eye contact.

She pointed towards the van. “crowd’s too noisy.. follow me back over there .”

More slow traffic through the crowd and there he was waiting.

“I worried when you left… we’ve gotta exchange numbers.”

“I can’t get at my phone,. but here..”  she bent down and gave thetm to him holding up her fingers. “txt me later and we can set it up.”

“Excellent!” he said. His smile made her feel good.  “With the weather forecast I thought we wouldn’t meet up again and you’d forget”

As if she’d forget.


Yeah..  we’re supposed to get a Nor’easter.”


By daybreak the rain was pelting the windows m. She wasn’t supposed to be on the roads in bad weather.  They’d probably cancel the festival anyway.  She made some tea and waited.

Finally her phone rang.  Mr Rossi was on the other end. He said he’d give her half pay for the day and thanked her for the day before.  A better weekend than she’d imagined and a good day to just curl up and read and take a break from her struggles.


“Jason!”  she shouldn’t have sounded so excited, but it was Wednesday already.

“Sunday still works for me.

How ‘bout earlier?  It’s easier for me to walk before there’s traffic.  

yeah.. I’m stuck either way coming back, but how ‘bout eight thirty?

ok..  we confirm Sunday at seven.  

Yeah no problem it’ll only be nine miles.  Easy walk.

you too!”

This was just going to be a nature walk with a guy.  Nothing series or even really date like.  She kept telling herself that. But he did call it a date, didn’t he?  She’d have to stick with friend.  The leaves were beginning to look great.  If it didn’t rain again it might even be peak Fall.  Last year was so great.  They were a lot smaller this year, but what a view looking down through the trees for the first time.

An hour had gone by when the the visit chat came through.  Austin! She quickly tired to deal with her hair with her hand.

She had been coming to see him more as a voice she could trust - a real friend.  Maybe him being even smaller now  or maybe it was they were mostly using video.  She answered the call and  there he was filling the screen from the waist up. She loved being able to see the features on his face.

“How was Octoberfest?”  he asked

“It rained out Sunday, but Saturday went better than I thought.  Get this.. some girl on the volleyball team said I should join them.”

“Can you get in a gym?”

“No idea, but how long before they’d change the rules?”

“Still planning your track day?”

“Honest?  - not really.  My agent was going to find a sponsor, but he wasn’t pushing hard enough..”

“You’ve gotta get someone better.  Maybe you should ask Kendra Tompkins.”


So nodded “switched awhile back.   More work than I can handle.  Don’t tell anyone, but beyond modeling”


He shook his head and grinned. He’d been doing so much better. Early on they agreed to split their earnings, but it was a thorn in her side that he was bringing in over ninety percent now. But her cut was barely covering her expenses. She needed to do better.

“Yeah.. I need something.  Got tired of all of those models?”

“It’s pretty much the same .. they mostly use me as jewelry or something suggestive without going there.  Most of ‘em are flakes.  I went out with a few, but oil and water…”

“Seeing anyone now?”  She shouldn’t care, but she hoped for no.

“Not really.  I’m supposed to go out Friday, but I think I’ll cancel.”

“Wanna come over here instead?” It was one of those ohnosecoond moves..  you said it and a second later you think ‘oh no that was dumb.

“You think it’d work?”

She looked at the thumbnail and took a deep breath. “We can always go back to video.”

“Ok.. gotta find someone to bring me over.  Want them to hang around or just the two of us talk?”

“Just the two of us.”


He’d been thinking about the date all day when Mari came over to pick him up.

“Ready?” she said.

“Yeah.. don’t forgot the red cube.”

“It must seem really weird.”


he nodded.  

“It must seem really weird.”  she indicated her height with her hand

“Its not what you’d think.  Past a certain point and it isn’t that different.”

“Unless she’s trying to hold you or something, right?” she said as she picked up the cube and fit it in her purse.  “Good thing I brought the big purse..  it just barely fits.  Think you’d be better without it?”

He looked up at her and walked over to the overnight travel box. “Not yet.”

On the way over Mari told him all about the concert she’d go to at the field house.  Get her started on music…  At least it was a break from what he’d been thinking about

“Been here yet?” she said as she shut off the engine and reached for his box.


“It’s early warehouse.  She’d like to fix it up, but .. you know … money..”

“I’m trying to convince her to get a better agent.”

“She says the market for giant girls pretty much sucks.”

“Maybe not.  something in a client meeting yesterday was pretty exciting”


“Sorry … big NDA..”

She sighed and rang the door buzzer.

“Hey there!” Mari said as she walked in.

“Hi Mar”  the giant girl pointing to her face and dress and putting her finger to her lips.

She was wearing a slinky dress and had gone to the trouble of putting on makeup.  Mari understood the surprise.

Tanya motioned to a human sized table .  “you can put everything down on that table.  Sorry the place still looks like crap. Everything’s going to fixing the heating system.  But I’ve got some great ideas.. someday..”

Mari could feel her friend’s embarrassment, but what could she say that hadn’t been said?  She set her purse and his travel box on the table.  Tanya got as close to the floor as she could,  her head about ten feet from his box.  She watched asthe tiny door opened and a figure emerged.

He stepped out on the table and found himself looking up at Mari.  She made eye contact as she pulled the red cube out of her purse and set it behind him.  

“I guess I better leave..  I’ve got an hour to get ready before the concert.  You’ll be ok?”

“Yeah..  Kari’ll stop by in the morning and take me back.”

“You should try Uber some time.” she said with a laugh.  

“I really need a drone that works.”

“Some day .. Kennedy’s still working on it, but I think it’s indoor for now” She picked up her purse and started towards the door.

He turned and there she was.  It wasn’t that feeling of fear that went through him earlier, but my god he had forgotten just how big.  And how beautiful.  She was far enough away that he could see most of her face.”

“Wow you’re beautiful today”  he said.

“Like it? I haven’t felt like it in awhile…” She shifted her weight a bit - enough that he felt the breeze.  “Crouching’s killing me though.  Hop in the cube and we’ll find a better place.

He climbed in.  The plastic distorted the view making it even more surreal as the skyscraper sized girl rose to her feet and then bent down to pick him up.  He saw her thumb coming towards the side of the box and then almost fell as he index fingertip hit the other side a bit too soon.

“Ooops” she said  

At least she could see him. He’d spent some time wondering about that now that she was ninety times taller.  He’d be less then an inch to her - closer to three quarters of an inch..  Maybe this was a dumb idea.

“going up” she said.

He braced himself, but the the acceleration was still there.  He tried not watch and waited for the bump,

She set the cube down on a ledge that was nearly as high as her shoulders with these shoes.

“There… we can be closer to face to face now.”  

He stepped out.  The room seemed even larger from this vantage point.  He was far enough back from the edge that the height didn’t bother him much.  And straight ahead and up was that huge smiling face.

“It’s been too long.”

He nodded not knowing if she could even see.

“could you see that?”

“That you nodded?”


“My eyesight’s pretty good.”

“You didn’t need to dress up.. we’re just friends…”

“It’s been a long time.  Between you and me I’ve been a little depressed and seeing you helps, so why not celebrate?’

“I’ve missed you too.. you don’t need to go into your ‘I’m sorry’ routine.  what happened happened.  On the plus side my life’s been a lot more interesting than selling steel frame buildings would ever be.”

“I’m still sorry.  And if I ever see that alien again…”  she paused  “is this a good distance?  Is the ledge ok?”

“It’s fine.  If you can see me ok, this is pretty good.”

“See my dress?”

“Only through the plastic.  If it’s the same to you I’m not coming closer to the ledge.  It’s like hundreds of feet down.”

“I hear you.. heights bother me too.”

They both laughed.

“It’s really slinky. borderline trashy in a sexy way.”

“Trying to get lucky or something?”

She didn’t expect him to say that.  She felt her nippled harden.

“look what you’ve just done” she said.


“Oh..  I guess i need to walk back further. Hang on..”  She took a few steps backward.  “Haw far can you see down now.”

That was a sexy dress  

“Almost down to your waist.”


It certainly showed off her boobs and it was clear she was braless.

“ummm.. your… you look excited”  

“ ‘fraid so.. just letting ya know.  Change the subject maybe?

He tried to imagine how big they’d be..  but that only made the crotch of his pants stiffen.  He decided not to let on.

“Ok ..  I was talking with one of my clients about projects and they came up with something strange.  You’d expect it from these guys..”


“Red Bull”

“You’re joking!  How did …”

“Great agent … one of the ideas might work with you in it too.”

“Really?” he had her attention in another away now. “what is it?”

“These damn non-disclosures.  Let’s make an appointment with my agent and see if you can get in on their NDA.  They want to film soon, but I think my suggestion is way better.”

“I’ve really missed you” she said shyly shifting her weight causing her breasts to bounce slightly.  

He realized he missed her, but…  how could this ever?  Those boobs were the size of houses.  If they just stayed friends this time.. maybe a second chance.  

“I’ve had dreams with you in them…”  he said

“Really…?”  she was flattered, but they could be weird too..

“Strange thing is I can’t remember how big you were in any of them..  Maybe it was the video chats.”

“almost seem normal, right?”  she looked to see if she could make out any expressions, but he was too far away.

“So why’d you wear something like that?”

He could see her blush.  “I just wanted to look good for you..”

He decided to let it drop.

“I’ll get my agent in touch with you.  Is your contract exclusive?”

“I don’t think so”

“Good..  I’m learning there are a lot of possibilities.  I don’t know if it’s enough for you..”

“I thought of leaving for Denmark or Norway..  some place with a really good social net.  i want to work and I can work hard, it’s just that the basics cost so much.”

“Imagine if you’d told that box twenty instead of the square root//“

“Yeah.. at least I was lucky on that.  I have not idea how I’d survive.  It’d be horrible.  And you’d be…”  

“So that’s a good thing to celebrate.”

They talked until nearly three am before calling it a night.  Almost all of it was just friend to friend and some of the tension was going down.  He was even supportive of her nature walk on Sunday  “just don’t; push things.”


Sunday morning and she had made it to the entrance to the preserve with ten minutes to spare. The trees had were close to full color and not that many leaves had fallen.  She wore a sweater, but also a short shirt and tights..  if you’ve got legs like this, you may has well show ‘em off, she reasoned.  

Jason pulled in next to her on his bike

“Down here Tanya!”  he yelled from a distance.  

She turned and smiled.

“Why don’t; you walk ahead a bit and I’ll catch up.  I’m nearly five times taller so if you walk about twenty steps I can go four or so.”

“That’s the best way?”

“Best way I’ve tried so far.”

A woodpecker interrupted her.

“This is really beautiful.  How long have you been doing this?” she asked. as the two of them started down the trail.


A very detailed 3200 pixel render goes out only to donors
The next a113 post will be the last for awhile. I need to play with some ideas for its direction as well as ideas for new downsized pieces.

The a113-241 render is the most detailed I've made by a good margin and has managed to bring down Daz Studio a few times.  A small image would lose too much detail so it will be a donor-only large image.  Of course the full story will appear.

edit .. in the end the render took 70 hours
While most people dislike the plot, I recommend buying for the extras and for studying scenes to get insight into tricks and technique.  They did an amazing job on that and spent quite a bit of time working on the backplot.  It's a great reference if you do artwork and just fascinating otherwise.  They use forced perspective in some scenes, but go well beyond it. 
He fought at first, but his jeans slid off so easily after ripping from the force of her fingertips.  Her right hand had closed against his torso that struggling with his arms was pointless.  He felt like a toy and she had this grin.

“I’m going to lick your legs first…”

He woke up in a cold sweat a blanket wrapped around his torso and bedsheets every which way .  He sat up and took a  deep breath -God that was too real.  He looked over at the clock.  Almost three thirty am.  He had to get up at five to get to the gym on time.  He’d never get back to sleep with his heart pounding and his mind swirling like this. He switched the light on and untapped himself from the covers.

Why did she have to come onto him like that?  He’d been around horny clients before, but it never got out of hand.  She probably meant well and seemed to be a nice enough girl, but being picked up and that look on her face.  If she was normal he’d ask her out in a second, but there was this little matter of being toy sized. It was his forth nightmare in the same number of days and not the worst.

He picked up his phone and scrolled to the message she sent just after he left her place.

        Thank U SO MUCH for helping me!!!! when $$ is stable I would *love* 2 hire U so we can see how strong and fit I can get!

Then the one from yesterday

        it'll be awhile  in the meantime is is ok if I ask you out? If not I totally understand

They sat there unanswered.  He’d be going out with Cindy this weekend anyway and he wasn’t about to get involved with Jill Greenstalk.  He let out a long sigh and typed a bit before starting his morning routine.


She was almost out the door for a morning run back and forth on the desolated road into the place when she picked up her phone to check for messages.

       I don’t think I’m the right trainer to work with you

and the next one

       No.  You’re a nice girl and there are lots of guys for you

Her heart sunk and a wave of nausea forced her to sit down with her head between her legs.  A minute passed and then three more before she  she sat leaned back and looked up at the ceiling.

“You’re so fucking stupid Tanya!”  she yelled.

She felt like txting something or even calling, but he was probably right.  She was a freak.  With a long sigh she got to her feet and pulled on her sweatpants and shirt for the run.


Ten am rolled around and she had spend most of the time thinking ‘what if…’  She’d been there before and it was always useless and depressing..  Maybe she should talk to Austin - after all - they were with each other through most of this and he knew her.  She had ruined things with him twice, but it looked like he was moving on.  She didn’t sense he was happy, but he was a hell of a lot more successful getting modeling gigs and he always seemed to have women lining up.  Probably just curious, but …  

She looked at her hand and spread her fingers  He could easily lay on her thumbnail with his arms out to either side.  Face to face was too much.  She’d email him and see if he’d video iMessage with her.  That seemed to work better now.

Her phone rang just as she picked it up to send a note to Austin.  She had been waiting on a few proposals.  Maybe one had come through.  She needed something.

The caller ID  said it was the pizza restaurant that hired her right after she grew.  It was boring, but they paid her in food and she was forever grateful. Looking back on it she considered it charity.

“Hi, it’s Tanya.

Oh really?  Is it just one day?

So two from noon ’til seven.”

“I think I have something that’ll work. All the clothes and costumes I owned with in the van when…”

“Yeah..  they’re all my size now.  Come over and I’ll model it for you.

This afternoon at three is fine.  See you then!”

I seemed strange for a pizzeria to host a big Octoberfest celebration, but it’d pay.   So many part time models would jump at something like this for five thousand for two days.  Given her needs that wasn’t much but it was five thousand more than she’d make without it.  Plus all she’d be doing is greeting people and she’d get a little pizza and beer .


The day came and she got into her dreidel.   The yogurt company she did the photos with got it from some halloween shop and couldn’t have paid much for it.   She could feel the plastic in it.  Still .. most people seeing it would be at least fifteen feet away, so it’d look ok.  Now if she didn't feel so stupid in it - but she'd worn worse. Unpacking she discovered her umbrella was broken.  Not that it was going to rain, but she’d been avoiding going out in rain since then except for hot Summer days when it felt good. It’d cost.  Austin had it better.  Most things his size were cheap.   If you’re gonna be a freak you wanna be a little freak, she thought.

She set off for Port Station thinking about the conversation she’d had with Austin.  He was seeing someone and suggested she use the gig to casually meet guys.  Worst case they’d walk away.   He said he couldn’t imagine anyone not noticing how beautiful she was.  Just thinking about that made her beam now.  He told her to smile and look right into their eyes when she talked .. even if it wasn’t easy. She’d been avoiding that since she grew.

There was a small outdoor area between two buildings, but part of the street was blocked off and tables were set.  She changed from her running shoes and  walked over to the manager and knelt to be less intimidating.

“Hey Mr Rossi.  Whatdaya think?”

“Even better than before.  We’d like it if you’d greet people as they came in and get them dancing and having fun if you can.  Just stay close to that trailer most of the time so we ..”

“Yeah..  ‘makes sense.”

“Over there…”  he said pointing up to where a band was setting up.

She looked over.  It was a two story section of building with a flat roof and four musicians.  

“That’s for dancing too.  That’s our German band up there “  He was looking up at her now.  “You can reach it can’t you?”

She smiled “easy.. it’s like the top of a dresser high”

“That’s what I thought…  would you mind serving food there? Now much, but every once an awhile carry a table over.  I think it’d be cute.  And for now maybe you could move some of the tables up there. Just ask Rita - she's got it all sorted out."

“Mind if I walk over to be sure?”

he motioned a sweeping yes.

The musicians stared as she approached.

“Hey— I know I look weird.  It’s this dress.  It isn’t authentic”

The one holding the drum sticks laughed.  She smiled again and reached over as far as she could.  They were staring again.

“What?” she said to them “Never seen a girl measure a building?”


Customers began to arrive and the band launched into German sing along  songs.,  Just the thing for a pizzeria owned by Italian Americans, she thought. The thought made her happy somehow.   She started talking to people and noticed how good she had become at deflecting giant questions.  She noticed the buildings seemed the right size rather than tiny.. it was like they were meant to be small.  Was she getting used to her size?

“Hey Tanya!”  

She looked down towards the familiar voice.

“ Becca?” It looked like her, but..

“Anthro 102 last Spring.  My god It didn’t hit me ’til now that it was you!”

Tanya knelt down towards her.

“Yeah ..  sort of sucks.”

“I bet..  Did you survive the final?”

Tanya was startled by the pivot away from the elephant in the room.

“B plus”

“Same here.  I thought I’d get a D after that test..  I mean..”

“I know the feeling.”

“you dropped out?”

“I wanna go back next term, but it’s beyond messed up.”

“I’m surprised they didn’t take you to some lab to study you.”

“They’re too fucked up to do anything”

Both of them laughed.

“Still on the volleyball team?”

‘Yeah..  libero ‘cause i’m short and fast.”

“Everyone’s short.”

“You should be on the team.”

“I’m pretty sure they’d outlaw me.  But if you can keep a secret…”  she moved in closer and lowered her voice “we’re thinking of having me run some races to set records before they can ban me. For publicity.  Money’s a real issue.”

“I hadn’t thought of that … how’d ya do it?”

“GoFundMe, but that’s a one time shot.  I got really lucky with this old warehouse.. you should come over some time   Food’s from the basics - nothing expensive.  It’s probably healthier, but I’d kill for a Snickers.”

Becca looked towards the restaurant and then back up at the giant girl. “We should stay in touch..  the other girl’s from the team are waving at me and they;’ve got beer.”

Tanya waved as she stood up.  “I’m working today and tomorrow, but come over some time.”

A lot of it was just standing up and watching, but when people looked like the wanted to talk, she’d bend down.  Given how some guys were looking she was glad she was wearing cutoffs under the shirt.  

The next three conversations flowed easily.  Somehow people knew they shouldn’t be talking about her height without her mentioning it.   This was making up for the blackness she felt when she got those txts from Chase.  Austin was probably right.  Maybe she should talk to some guys more.  She had already talked to a guy who was a TA in one of her classes a year ago when this guy she didn’t recognize come up.


She bent down..  he looked familiar, but she couldn’t remember.  :”I recognize your face, but I can’t place you..”

“Jason…  Chemistry 112  I mostly sat behind you.  I always wanted to go out with you, but you were too beautiful and I never worked up the nerve to ask.”

“I remember - we had that big talk about the wilderness preserve they were going to tear down.  You were trying to fight it right?”

“That’s the one. What happened?”

“It’s still in court.”

She could sense he was nervous, but it wasn’t the kind of nervousness guys seemed to get from her size.  It was more like what she was used to back when she was human sized.

“So it’s still a wilderness?”

“As much as there is on the Island.”

“It’s out East a bit, right?”

“Yeah — about ten miles.”

“Can people visit it?”

“There’s a dirt road and some trails…  sure…”

“ wanna go on a date and show it to me?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Pretty sure I can walk there and you said you wanted to ask me out, so I’m just cutting out that step..  So wanna go on a date with me?”

“..sure!  ummm… when?”

“Next Sunday?  If it’s not raining that is.  My umbrella’s not working.  Speaking of working I’ve gotta get back. Grab me later and I’ll give you my number.”

She found herself smiling as he walked away and he wasn’t bad looking either.  

As the day went on a half dozen other classmates from last year said hi.  Some were wondering, but she didn’t go there.  Maybe it’d work out when she went back to school.  Assuming the logistics could be worked out and that was a big if.


The more detailed 4000 pixel final render goes out to donors
Hand on the side panel for balance he straightened up from his crouch and turned around.  She had been watching expectantly.

“It looks like your fuel filter’s plugged and I’m pretty sure you have a vacuum leak.”  He motioned over to the left of the engine bay.  And look ..  there’s some solidified oil under the oil filter … probably a leak.”

“Can you fix it?”

Officer Davis looked up at her and shrugged his shoulders.  “This’d be cake, just a few parts and an hour’s work.  But parts …   how much bigger did you say?”

“bout four and a half times..”

That seemed like an understatement.  He gave that shrug a mechanic gives when you know it’s probably hopeless.   She bit her lip and gave him a sad look.  They both knew the move would be complicated and expensive without the van. He tried to think of how to handle this.

“I guess we can find wrenches big enough and maybe you can turn ‘em.  Vacuum hoses too if that’s all it is.  I’ve got this buddy who used to work at that VW repair shop in Port Jeff.  He’s retired, but he can fix about anything on an old beetle…”

“Think he’d be interested?”

“To work on the biggest VW in the world…  whadaya think?  I’ll give him a call .. Miss. … sorry I can’t remember your last name”

“Just Tanya”

Stepping down from the ladder he looked back up. She had a sweet smile, but  damn,  she looked even taller. She caught his eye and pointed to the engine compartment.

“leave this open?”

“I’d put the cover back on..  Just line it up and turn those handles.”

She struggled for awhile, but it finally went in place.

“There!: she said giving it a bang with her wrist.   “it only has to run for one trip over.” She said trying to minimize the problem.  “I know some guys at the University who’ve made things my size.”

“One way or another, we’ll get it.” he said as he walked back to his cruiser.  She beamed a huge smile an a little wave.


Only an hour had gone by when her phone rang.

“Hey there”  she said…

       He’ll come over?  

       Now?  ok..  I’ll go outside.

       Yeah..  I’ll try not to frighten him off..  What’s his hame?

ok  see ya!”

She pocketed the phone as she walked towards her loading dock entrance door.

A dark red pickup pulled up about the time she pulled the engine cover.  Another big smile and a wave.

“My God!” he said before correcting himself  “I didn’t mean..”

“I get that a lot Mike … and just call me Tanya.”

“It was an accident?.”

“. it’s just old and some parts are worn…  and ….”

“I meant you”  

“Oh yeah… well … me.. Turns out it’s a long story.  I’ll tell you over a beer some time.”  She motioned towards the van.   “This needs to hold up for a few miles so I can move my stuff to my new place.”


“It starts, but won’t idle unless I give it gas. If I take my foot off the gas it stalls.  Plus when it’s running there’s a bad shake that wasn’t there last time.”

“Last time?”

“The first time I ran it after it -  we - got big”

“It was ok then?”

“For a short trip, but I woulda noticed it. . I’ve been trying to start it up once a week and noticed the rough running the last two times.  Today it was awful.  Officer Davis is escorting me so I asked him to take a look.  He said vacuum lines and fuel filter.”

“Vacuum lines make sense.  If we’re lucky that’s all, but it got worse.  Maybe a fouled spark plug or a bad distributer connection too.”   He starred at it for awhile.

“Can you pull of the engine cover?”

She was nearly and expert now.  A few seconds later she set it on the ground.

He pushed the ladder against the bumper climbed up to the engine compartment.  

“Sorry it’s so dirty” she apologized.

“Cleaner than most.  Any rags?”

She pulled some tissues out of back pocket. After all .. they were paper towels cut wider  “These?”

He nodded and took them from her.  God she was huge.  

“Fire her up for me. Let her idle, but when she starts to fail give her enough gas to run, count to ten and take your foot off the gas.  It she doesn’t stall after ten seconds, shut her down and come back. here”

“OK .. start up, idle, keep it running for ten seconds..  foot off the gas and another ten and turn it off if it’s still running.”

‘He liked watching women walk, but this was unreal. Such a waste of a pretty women, he thought.

The engine rattled to life shaking the van.  She wasn’t smooth as she gave her gas but after a few seconds she smoothed out.  Thenback to idle shaking badly and the stall.

The giant girl reappeared and crouched down closer to his eye level.  it didn’t exactly work, but it was better than having her stand.


“Definitely vacuum problems.  It’s too hard to fix a leak so we replace the hoses..  I’m pretty sure it’s this one” he  said pointing to a hose.  They’re three point five millimters. ‘know how much bigger this is?”

“square root of twenty..”

He gave her a strange look

“long story for beer —  it’s a little under four point five.”

He took out his phone and typed. “Fifteen and three quarters. We can get some flexible fifteen millimeter plastic hose.  You may have to press it on. You’re probably a lot stronger than me.”

She nodded.

He pointed to the distributor. “Those wires go to the spark plugs. I want you to pull then off and let me look into them and the top of the distributor..  one at a time.  

“Like this one?”  she asked

“Yeah pull it and let me look into it.”

She wiggled it and pulled until it popped off.  He took out his phone and used the light to look inside.

“This one’s clean.  Push it on tight and do the next.”

“Opps..  there’s corrosion here. Probably a cracked distributor cap. I need some sandpaper and a file.”

“I don’t have..”

“I’ve got some in my truck.”  he said as he started down the ladder.

A few minutes later it was ready.  “push it on”  Soon they were done.

“If we’re lucky that’s some of the rough running. Could be a plug too, but that’ll be harder.   Try starting it up like before.  It’ll tell me what else I have to do.

This time the engine still idled roughly and stalled, but wasn’t rattling nearly as much when she gave it gas.  She came back.


“We got lucky. It’s just the vacuum lines now.  Charlie’s off duty.  I’ll see if he can bring some over. And don’t worry..  if this doesn’t work we can tow you over with some trucks.”


She sat down and they chatted for fifteen minutes until she heard a car door.  The plastic lines.  Ten minutes later and the van finally was idling properly.  

“Thank you!” she yipped.  Normally she’d hug someone, but it’d be awkward.  There was a lot of social thinks she hadn’t worked out.

“It’ll hold for a few miles at leas.  If you’re taking a road trip we need to work on it.”

“Yeah sure”  she said..  secretly wishing she could. “Thanks for being so professional about this.”  she could tell from his body language that he was nervous around her.   “lots of people have a hard time with my size.”

“You seem like a good enough person.”

“How much?” she said pointing to her hand.

“Two cold brews someday.”

“You remind me.”


The loading was almost done when Officer Davis arrived with the three other police.


“Yeah..  it’s going to make it.  We need to wait for Mike. He wants to travel over just in case and I’ve got two more boxes inside.”

“Think he’d ride with you and carry a radio?   … save me an officer.”


Six fifteen Sunday morning and Mike found himself sitting on a box on a gigantic passenger’s seat. At least he could see through the window, but a fall from this height to the floor would be serious. It’d been strange and more than a bit embarrassing - her picking him up like that and all.  His good deed for the year. She twisted the key and the engine rattled to life and settled into an idle.  She turned to him and smiled.

“Good enough, eh?”

They were ready to roll.  

This time the trip was uneventful if roundabout.  It had been planned to avoid obstacles and they put about a hundred gallons of gas in just to make sure.  There were no overhead lines to move and the tree damage was less than you’d get in a good thunderstorm.  They did use all three of the squad cars to make certain traffic wouldn’t be a problem, but the timing worked out.

She stopped and got out to open the gate leaving the engine idling.  It was doing great.  She fantasized about a real road trip but getting it off the island would be impossible. She had hoped to  get the van it closer, but some heavy pieces of concrete blocked her way.  They wouldn’t be worth moving so she shut it down as she turned to Mike.

“Just say where and when for the beers my friend.”  She opened her door and motioned for him to come over to her seat.  “step on my seat when I get out and I’ll lift you down.  Sorry that it’s not easier.”

He could have crawled down, but it’d be even more embarrassing.   He got into one of the patrol cars and waved as they drove off.  Life was good right now.

Officer Davis parked his patrol car next to the van and got out.  

“Thank you!" she felt like hugging him for all the help but…  ”.anything else?”

He was starting to get used to being around her, but noticing her boots were taller than him derailed his train of thought.    Then it came to him.  “Now that you mention it.  There’s this old alarm connected to the police department in your building.  It’s rang a couple of times in the last year, but it’s where a catwalk used to be.  I need to borrow your height.  Mind if we go in and try?”

“I’ve always got height to lend…”  she started off without thinking and soon was around the side of the van before he could say anything.  He shook is head and trotted after her.  Running would be completely hopeless for anyone but a world class athlete.


The more detailed 4500 pixel final render goes to donors


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