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[CLOSED] Typhoon Dragon auction


• SB:
15$|1,500 :points:
• Min increment: 2$|200 :points:
• AB: 45$|4,500 :points:

AB'd by :iconazleah44: :heart:

• Extras:
- If bid rises higher 30$|3,000 :points: then you will receive an extra chibi-drawing ^^
I'm on fire! - Autobuy: chibi-drawing + free art by your requestI'm on fire!

The winner can do anything with dragon, but please don't resell him ;; Thanks!

- Has a curved horn on his forehead
- Has no paws, instead relying on his wings. Uses sharp talons on the end of his wings to carve fish.
- Has mastered the elements of water and air
- Has massive clouds on the end of his wings and tail - they change colors depending on weather, which makes the dragon easier to hide and blend with enviropment
- Has organic crystals on his neck serving as the source his power
- A big lover paper lanterns, sometimes even trying to imitate it's light

A rare dragon that can often be found around people. They don't really like him, because he has a habit of stealing food and fervently protecting his "catch". He is easily attracted to paper lanterns, which he also can steal for his amusement, and he can tear fish nets apart. But this is not a main reason why people tend to dislike this dragon. His main problem with people is his own waywardness. If you try to upset him, or even to attack him, he can easily become a typhoon, destroying everything in his sight. But if you voluntarily give him some food, there is a big opportunity that he'll make you some kind of present in return - usually a handful of shiny stones or, less often, something he looted from somebody else.

Nutrition: Fish, fruit from trees
Habitation: Water villages, mountains

SOLD - :iconazleah44:

Art & Design by me
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this is amazing!
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QuQ what an absolute beauty oh goodness! 
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thank you! C:
i am very pleased to hear it
Magicdragon's avatar
This is beautiful, love the smoke/swirls. I'll have to think about this one heh, really like it o3o
runmare's avatar
thank you so much c:
bento-pup's avatar
What did you use to put that fire thing up there? I never figured out how to put that guy up. xD
runmare's avatar
I did not understand a bit xD
you are interested in the fire of my dragon?
or is it 
I'm on fire!?
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I meant that little emoji xD
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: onfire : I'm on fire!  c:
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 >>Bid here!<<
$20.00 USD 01-30-2015
AB $45.00 - sorry not taking any chances - 01-30-2015
xxReshiramxx's avatar
I bid 100 points for this dragon. 
Alisenokmice's avatar
but sb is 15$ / 1,500 p >.>"
xxReshiramxx's avatar
Ah I didn't realize that ok I'm looking for creatures to have for a series I'm writing. So I'm in a bit of a rush to get it done and I don't have paypal. 
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