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Green Man Ruins

By runique
Deep in the forest lie some old ruins. If you step inside, be careful what you might disturb .....

Painted in Corel Painter using various custom oil brushes.

Prints of this image are available here: link

You can view a 'making of' walkthrough for this image here: link
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© 2011 - 2021 runique
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Hippy282's avatar
Love this pic mate!
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That gargoyle sitting on the stone arch looks a lot like how I picture Bartimaeus from the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, when he´s in his gargoyle form...
Top-Hat-Wolf's avatar
beautiful :) Im listening to celtic music, and it brings this to life.
TheLonleyAssassin's avatar
This is one of the most beautiful works I have seen in a bit. You have perfectly captured the mystic and nature atmosphere with those lovely details.
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GrimDreamArt's avatar
You've created an amazing atmosphere in this work. I just love it!
runique's avatar
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.
Eva-Dragon-Goddess's avatar
This ... is the single most amazing thing I have seen in a very, very very very very long time ...
I feel like I could walk into it and lose myself and never come back again ... (* o ,*)
... wow ...
just wow...
I'd say more but this is just too amazing to describe with words ...
wow ...
runique's avatar
Wow, it's comments like this that make all the hard working creating a painting worth it. Thank you!
Eva-Dragon-Goddess's avatar
ThePlanetRodinia's avatar
How wonderfully creepy!:)
Amazing, I looked at it so long, I started to get the chills.:)
It seems the mist from their mouths is forming a vortex on the ground.
I wonder if a portal to another world is about to open.
runique's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad the picture draws you in this way, that was the hope when creating it.
ThePlanetRodinia's avatar
Yeah, I have it on my desktop now. That little gargoyle thing really creeps me out.:)
ForestDwellerHouses's avatar
This could be the entrance to the realm of the Forest Dwellers! Beautiful job and talent!
runique's avatar
Yes indeed! I love your carvings, they're wonderful. Thanks for the watch too.
ForestDwellerHouses's avatar
Odins-Gift's avatar
Wow... scary... exciting!
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SuperWinegum's avatar
I really, love this, it has the feeling of something really magical, really want to see more!! :D
runique's avatar
ErigadGreatwood's avatar
This is a great piece of work! The morning mist seems to be creeping in through the ancient oaks and rocks of the Ruins, blanketing the mystical wonders it once beheld. A tinge of magic pulls at the nooks of what the roots don't cover. Creatures stare down at the ones who dare to pass below its hanging vines and strong arches. The secret it holds will remain a mystery for ages to come...
runique's avatar
Great description! You've summed it up in words very nicely.
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