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Hello and welcome to the Runic-Horses group!

About the Breed
Long ago, the wise Odin, ruler of Asgard, bestowed upon his Midgardian worshippers the gift of a herd of magical horses, with the power over sea, sky and earth. They were a strong, hardy breed, and the Vikings so valued them that they became revered as demi-gods themselves, as they also earned magical runes that gave them more powers, showing them their destined path. They were ridden into battle, and taken to the countries where the Vikings invaded, particularly the Celtic countries, where many either escaped or were set free, and formed new herds.

As the Vikings disappeared, the Runics remained, becoming feral and hiding further into the hills as human civilization progressed. Few ever earned their runes, and the ones that did remained alone, forsaking those that had forgotten their path.

Now, all but one have disappeared from the Scottish Highlands which had become their home. It is said that Odin has sent them back to their homeland to find their path once more.

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Journey Quest
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AthenaMyth has kindly made up a set of genetics for the breed. During the next few days, imports will be updated with their new genos, which is exciting, but please be patient.

Page Under Construction.

NOTE: This will probably be subject to a little editing, and I'm hopeless with this stuff so I might need help assigning genos to the existing imports. Feel free to make suggestions if you understand things more than me. It may just be that my brain is fried from uni today.

Base Colours:
Earth =Jord– Codominant Gene with Water
-Represented by JoJo or Jojo (Homozygous and Heterozygous)

Water=Haf – Codominant Gene with Earth
-represented by HfHf or Hfhf (Homozygous and Heterozygous)

Sky =Lopt– Recessive Gene
-Represented by LoLo only.

Breeding Two types: (Possible combinations)

EarthxWater – If both parents are Homozygous or Heterozygous, the outcome is randomized.
-If one parent is homozygous and the other is heterozygous, the Homozygous gene will be the one expressed.

Only SkyxSky will give sky 100%
There is a ¼ chance of getting a Sky from breeding two other types with one copy of the Sky gene together.

Dilute Genes:
Light(Bright)= Ljos – Makes the Base colour very light or pale in colouring(Light pastel colours or lighter.) Can be hetero or homo. Ljlj or LjLj

Light=Kveykva- Gives the points of the horse a lighter appearance than the base. Generally brighter, but can go into pastel shades. Hetero or Homo. Can be linked to Ljos to create a very light animal with nearly white points, hiding any leg markings.

Wave =Unnr– Gives a lighter appearance to the underside of the coat, much like pangare, only wavelike, can be spotted throughout the coat as well if there is appaloosa involved. Wave markings may be a different colour as long as it’s lighter than the base colour and still among the acceptable colours of the base (ie, base is blue, wave is seafoam green). homozygous, represented by UU. Uu are carriers only. May only be present on Water(up to you)

Darken Genes:
Darkness=Myrkr – Makes the base coat very dark, almost midnight colours. Extremely rare, if at all possible, on Sky. Most common on Water. Hetero or homo. Mm or MM

Dark(Sunset) = Solbjorg – Makes markings darker than the coat colour. Hetero or Homo, affects all paint/appaloosa and dapple markings. –Soso or SoSo


Dapple – Hetero or homo, gives lighter dappling markings to base coat over back and neck. DpDp or dpdp

Appaloosa- lighter Blanket or Leopard spots. LpLp = Blanket, Lplp = Leopard.

Tobiano- Any lighter paint markings that go over topline. Toto or ToTo
Overo – Any lighter paint markings that don’t touch the topline anywhere. Oo only. OO= lethal.
Land =biod – Gives darker speckles on an earth base, little islands clustered in a few areas on the coat.

Earthquake =Land-Skjalpti – Causes paint markings to have ‘spatter’ around the markings themselves, like debris from an earthquake. Recessive. sksk

Sunset – Solarsetr. Affects Sky, turns the light blues into light oranges and light sunset colours with hints of blue. Recessive, stst.

The Four Directions:

Causes the wave gene to be limited in one direction.
East – wave covers head and neck towards rump only. Eded only
West – Wave covers rump towards head only. Wdwd only
North – wave covers back towards belly only. Recessive to all others. ndnd
South – Normal Wave. Dominant to all others. Sdsd or SdSd

Waterfall=voss – Markings that come down the forehead and top of neckline and ‘fall’ towards the bottom of neck and face. Can continue down the legs in some cases. Vovo or VoVo. On water only.
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