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Galactic Olympic City 01

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“[…] Originated in Ancient Greece, a nation of Earth back in its early ages, the Olympic Games were a tournament where men competed in a variety of events to claim the title of Champion of the Olympiads, however as time went on their relevance slowly faded and were consequently abandoned […] In the 19th century the idea of resurrecting the games was raised and the first Olympics since Ancient Greece were then held on modern Greece as a sign of their return on the year 1896 […] The modern games were different, having new events in place of some of the less ethical ones of the ancient ones. Women were also now allowed to participate, and instead of provinces of Greece the competitors were the hundreds of nations of Earth […] The games where held every four years since then, until the year 2080 when the attempt to include the people of the interplanetary community of Sol was a failure due to the refusal of the Olympic Committee to held them out of Earth, and due to the space colonists weaken bone structures that made visits to Earth hard, let alone be capable of physical feats under such gravity […] These issues were part of the spark that originated the gravity resistance laws indirectly. But more directly they caused a divide between Earth and the colonies in which the rest of Sol System founded the Space Olympic Games, which would be held around the system and have events made for people of low gravities, these games saw Earth excluded in the same way they had excluded the spacers, further pushing Earth-Sol Colonies relationships towards the Sol Unification War that ended in Sol united under a single government entity, including Earth and its now nation-less masses […]”

“[…] The dual Olympic Games worked for a few years, but its division weaken the spirit and meaning of the games as a competition where everyone played together putting aside their differences, and thus by the year 2100 the Olympic Games had been abandoned altogether […] They would remain a thing only historians learnt about for the next few thousand years until RGT, wishing for the Galactic Community to be more solid and for all races to meet each other in a friendly manner started considering options for such events, and Rune, the last living person to have witnessed an Olympic Game proposed to resurrect the games for the second time in their history […] The next years would see RGT work to create a new set of events that would be fair for all the races and gravities, even though advances in technology had neutralized the problems that divided the modern Olympics when those living in lower gravities could not go to Earth and participate […]”

“[…] Upon announcing the new galactic tournament all regions signed in, interested to participate in such an event, each region acting as a sole entity similar to the countries of the old Olympics, and so the first Galactic Olympics were held on the year 6500 on Headquarters and were a great success, so the decision to retake their repeating tradition was made[…] The following decades would see every region host the games, still set every four Earth years […] Once all races had taken their turn, and the decision of the next host was being planned RGT came out and announced a new plan for the Olympics, which would spare the host of building an Olympic City for a single use, the creation of a mobile Olympic City […] The city was nearing competition, having been under construction for the past decade in secret while the regions finished hosting them each on their capitals […]”

“[…] The Galactic Olympic City was a massive structure, built as a massive torch, it held the main Stadium insider the cup with the ring of Olympic fusion fire burning around it, lit originally by a torch with fire brought from the Acropolis, last remain of the Greek civilization […] Along the handle of the torch four side areas were placed, two were the Athlete Village, where the Olympiads themselves would reside during the games, while the other two held the secondary stadiums for water and enclosed events along with commercial areas for the guests coming to witness the games […] Tourists would not reside in the city itself, but rather on the host planet’s surface, which would still build the hotels and commerce for the events planetside. Then visitors would take a gate up to the Galactic Torch to be able to come and go as pleased […]”

“[…] The Galactic Torch, as people had come to call the Olympic City, was equipped with quantum engines, at the bottom of the handle and not as many thought, use the torch’s flames as propulsion, allowing it to travel between the host cities unaided using both its Goddrive and its engines to establish orbit around the host, and for the duration for the games be visible from the planet’s surface as a massive torch suspended on the sky burning brightly, a sight many came to see, even if they had not purchase passes up into the stadium proper […]”


Second picture of the City:…
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i see! you certainly have improved your skills quite a bit! :D i am guessing that the gravity is not inertia based given the positioning of the bio-domes, but that is hardly surprising given the era of technology. :3

the structural design its self is nicely original and has a clear "Rune" flare to it. XD i love the little touch of your spiral symbol positioned at the thruster center. :3
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By the time they built the Torch we had gravitonic generators yes, that is precisely one of the reasons people are no longer weaken by low gravity worlds, as every low grav world has some common areas in normal gravity so your body can sort of stay in the proper state.

That's not the thruster, you are now part of the many people galaxy wide that think the stadium is the engines. XD
The engines are at the bottom of the handle, what you see is the main stadium, and yeah, I could nto find a proper stadium court picture to use so I worked around.
It turned out nicely, as the rings on the side are four, so I count the track as the black one.
Also, that track in the cup stadium? NOT the size you think. That's the MARATHON track. Its big. (I clearly thought that and I most certianly did not forgot the size relationship of it with the other stadiums).

The spiral was mostly to fill the center, it was either that or a poorly done bunch of courtyards. In the end RGT built it, and they are by far the biggest economical power of the galaxy, so its not a new thing that they stick their name and logo on stuff. (Their region is called Runic Stars. And their home system Runic Sol).
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good thinking! that is certainly one of the huge setbacks we have about going to somewhere even as close as mars. just a few months, and the body would be too malformed to come back. :s

i have to admit i don't quite get your reference. i am not sure what the 'handle' is to identify the thrusts by. ^^;
given the thought that is a stadium, i have two questions. 1: why is it dome-free when the other areas need to be encapsulated? 2: are those pillars of flame surrounding the stadium not providing thrust?
The track its self looks impressive and would work quite nicely for a games based station, i just don't quite get how it all works. sorry if i am being silly. ^^;

I agree about the Runic insignia. ^^ i was just having a good smile at seeing it in much the same way you would see a ship decal in an anime. :P
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Mars is one the lower limit of what people colonize now, stuff lower than that is possible, but you use said generators on the city to provide a more decent gravity inside it.

Maybe its the angle, but the stadium is supposed to look like a giant olympic torch, with the main stadium being the cup on top that holds the fire.
And the handle (Is that even how its called in english...?) is where you hold it from, the stick going down from the cup. Where the fours side domes are attached to.

At the very bottom, in the tip are the engines, even though they are concealed.

It does have a dome, but its lack of solid supports (The height of the dome is shallow, so it can hold itself) so its very hard to see. I know its there and I did had to rethink a few times if I had added it to begin with.
The flames are decorative, they are indeed thrusters in a sense, fusion thrusters, but they are modified to provide as much flame as possible without actual thrust. (Think of an airplane engine, it pushes stuff because it has a tight exit for the air so it goes out fast and compressed, so if you widened the opening the air would still go out but less strongly, so it would suck as an engine now, being more of a giant fan).

The track is pretty simple, it LOOKS to be the standard olympic one around the stadium, the ones for the small races, but thats an illusion of size, that track is massive.
Those domes below it? They fit insider the stadium completely (Their flat footprint I mean, the stadium is not tall enough to hold the sphere proper), and remember those domes hold the secondary stadiums, which we want to use too, so imagine what size is the big one. :P

I am also happy how it turned out. I made the picture out of necessity and expected it to look bad, but turns out it looks quite good for the purpose. XD
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You're right, that is what it is called in English. I had not read the submission description yet because there is already so much to read between us. It is a lot more than I am used to, so I have been skipping everything I didn't have to read in an effort to catch up. Having read it for the RP, I understand now.

Also, I am trying to leave out everything I can during answers, purely because this correspondence load now leaves me with a lot to keep up with. I have only had the time for so much since I have been off work. As of tomorrow night, that ends.


I see your point about the crown of flames. Too undirected for much interference with the other guidance engines.


It did turn out quite well with a nice representation and visual effect in the end. I have just been rushing my answers too much it seems.

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Alright then.

I understand, the replying of you guys (I am not only talking to you, but Yokufo too, which is a new level of stuff at the same time) also eats lots of time on my part and I am free as hell.
So I understand, just dont vanish and never talk to me again like most after this initial burst. :P

Yeah, it looks cool as the engines, but its too illogical, and the fuel would be an issue, the torch is lacking space for it. (Maintenance areas are below the height where the side spheres are, anything above that is facilities of all sort for people).

Thanks, I am now happy the original model for the city was lost due to my change from Bryce to Cinema 4D (3d modelling programs), the original one was less nice looking and used parts from other people, so it was not mine.
Overall it was improved on all fronts due to my increased skills. (This really drives home to me the saying some throw around to motivate artists, 'imagine what your five/ten years younger self would think of your current skill, he would probably shit himself due to excitement')
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I admit, the vanishing act is one i am all too good at. I tend to get more isolated when i feel overwhelmeed. So I am working on reducing the load rather than going that dirrection at this point. >/////////////////////>


It did turn out quite well in the end, which makes sense if this is your secodn go at it. Repatition really helps refine skills and imrpove techniques. I envy the younger you a little. Me 10 years younger would freak out from expectation or be too cynical to see the quality. lol

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No, dont isolate! We are already done too!

Only expositions left to tell are merely stuff you may ask or something.

To be fair it was not really 10 years ago, my 5 years ago one would also drool. I have my very first attempt at planets in PS there in my gallery, as I dont like to hide my old shame, its a good 'look, I have gone far' thing.

Mind you, I am not like those guys that do the 'redo this artwork' which I sometimes feel frustrated looking at, like: 2013, December: Stick figures. 2014, February: Mona Lisa.
And I am left like 'WTF, who improves that much that fast!?'
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