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Otakon 2013 - Friday Photoshoot: China (Group) by RuneQuicksilver Otakon 2013 - Friday Photoshoot: China (Group) :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 2 9 Otakon 2013 - Friday Photoshoot: Canada by RuneQuicksilver Otakon 2013 - Friday Photoshoot: Canada :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 3 1 Otakon 2013 - Fine Like Wine by RuneQuicksilver Otakon 2013 - Fine Like Wine :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 0 3 Otakon 2013 - Flirty Frenchman by RuneQuicksilver Otakon 2013 - Flirty Frenchman :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 2 6
Mature content
From the Sea (APH Fanfic) :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 4 6
APH China: Don't Mess With Us by RuneQuicksilver APH China: Don't Mess With Us :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 10 36
The Stargazers Final - Part 15
PART 15 (Final)
Rin rushed over to Alaster, tears streaming down her face. She threw herself down beside him, summoning her magic. She checked to see if there was any neurotic damage, her hands glowing a bright green. The intruder stood across from them, his face devoid of expression. He watched as Rin tried to revive Alaster with no success. Rin turned on him, her magical energies flaring around her body.
"You shall pay for this with your life!"
A decade later, Rin walked among the tombstones. She carried in her trembling hands a heterogeneous gamut of flowers, woven together to form a garland. Her bright eyes glimmered with emotions, but she refused to let them show. She still felt maladjusted to her new life. The Temple would never be the same for her, no matter what she did. His mortality had been cut short, though his perspicacious nature should have saved him. He had been susceptible to death, and death had taken him in his youth. She came to a halt in front of the largest to
:iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 0 0
The Stargazers Part 14
"Make it stop Alaster!" Rin moaned, knowing within herself that this headache was only the prelude to more painful magic. As she spoke, she felt the escalation of the magic to an almost chimerical level. She thought that she would pass out, and prepared herself.
"Rin! I will try to palliate the magic, but I don't think that I can stop it." Alaster immediately began to work his magic, touching Rin's forehead. "I apologize, but I am unfamiliar with his recondite brand of spells."
Rin slowly felt the pain subside to a dull throbbing. Shaking violently, Rin attempted to stand. However, she could not delude herself into thinking that she would be able to fight. Alaster helped her into a sitting position, and together they turned to acknowledge the presence of the interloper.
"Such a shame that you refused to work for me." The intruder leaned against the wall, a look of utter indifference written on his face. "You both had great potential. However, I believe that I can fix this mess
:iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 0 0
Mature content
The Stargazers Part 13 :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 0 0
APH: After Cleaning by RuneQuicksilver APH: After Cleaning :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 0 8 APH China: Cold by RuneQuicksilver APH China: Cold :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 3 3 APH China: Just Resting by RuneQuicksilver APH China: Just Resting :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 6 17 APH China: Challenge by RuneQuicksilver APH China: Challenge :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 13 25 APH China: Like the Snow by RuneQuicksilver APH China: Like the Snow :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 2 10 APH China: Confident Nation by RuneQuicksilver APH China: Confident Nation :iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 8 32
Curlers and dish soap
Are scattered in our bathroom.
This mess is not mine
Though I am a mess inside.
Breakfast is Lucky Charms
Floating in decaf coffee.
The marshmallows make a mess
Like I am a mess inside.
The car consists of McDonalds
Fries crunched into old Chinese food.
This mess I am out of touch with
But I am a mess inside.
Like a quick kiss behind the dumpster
Or a secret song you still like to hear
Or the fruit you are not to eat
I stole that kiss
Tasted that fruit
Listened to your song
Over and over.
I try to distract myself
But your song plays
Over and over
Forever shuffling past.
:iconrunequicksilver:RuneQuicksilver 1 13
Agh! Shield your's a trap! You might find lack of anatomical correctness, craziness, and just plain things to make your stomach turn worse than a top.

But if you're brave enough to set foot in here, you'll find anything from random photos to sketches and drawings to serious works of prose and poetry. Enjoy your stay!

Random Favourites

God and his Judge by choiceone-xXx God and his Judge :iconchoiceone-xxx:choiceone-xXx 9 0 Mello x Near secret photos by KurosakiAkane Mello x Near secret photos :iconkurosakiakane:KurosakiAkane 417 53 I'll show you my world - Suki by Lady-Pirate I'll show you my world - Suki :iconlady-pirate:Lady-Pirate 150 12 Tokka Week: Weather by ThePhoebster Tokka Week: Weather :iconthephoebster:ThePhoebster 811 209 Zuko by dancingavatarfan Zuko :icondancingavatarfan:dancingavatarfan 7 0 The Singing Sea by cloverinblue The Singing Sea :iconcloverinblue:cloverinblue 58 14 Keyball by Saartj1e Keyball :iconsaartj1e:Saartj1e 6,651 774 Lyn by Daniel-Link Lyn :icondaniel-link:Daniel-Link 649 124 TLA - Katara by CariaufSafari TLA - Katara :iconcariaufsafari:CariaufSafari 78 16 The Blind Bandit by Limaht The Blind Bandit :iconlimaht:Limaht 89 37 Here Comes the Plane by faye-oh-schizo Here Comes the Plane :iconfaye-oh-schizo:faye-oh-schizo 300 182 chillin by ShotzgoBoom chillin :iconshotzgoboom:ShotzgoBoom 552 304 At the Oasis by ShotzgoBoom At the Oasis :iconshotzgoboom:ShotzgoBoom 224 56 Katara by iCandi-Art Katara :iconicandi-art:iCandi-Art 61 36 Toph's Wanted Poster by justincurrie Toph's Wanted Poster :iconjustincurrie:justincurrie 190 26
These works of art are masterful...each in their own unique way! They are very much loved by me, regardless of silly things like pairings and fandoms! :heart:




:iconolympic-hetalia: :iconphiladelphia-cosplay: :iconthe-near-club:

Activity's been so long since I've updated this thing. Many small and large things have happened, though the immediately noticeable thing is that I no longer have a Premium account. I'm not really active enough on here to justify getting it again, though it was nice while it lasted! :)

:aww: Jaycon 2013 Recap

So I realized I never recapped Jaycon...and I'd rather not go and make a separate entry doing so whilst trying to do Otakon. I will say that this year was okay...not the best in my opinion. I think the College is really starting to crack down on things, which makes it hard. But one of the things that makes me sad is the staff's reaction to it. It's not 'We'll see what we can do' when criticisms come their way. It's a cringe and a wince like it's a personal affront. It's not meant to be...but if you get defensive every single time someone suggests something for improvement (even if it is suggested not knowing the full scope of your limitations as the club/staff), you ought to take it better than a "'s complicated..."

But in general, the con was good as always. The staff worked hard, and the panels were good. I hope the usual panelists who did the Improv Game and Dating Game can come back and do it next year. They were not as good as they were in the past, since the Super Staffers took them over...and showed they had no idea how the fans wanted the panel run :no:

Sorry for the slightly negative review on the con. As someone who has played a key role in Jaycons past as well as attended...and as someone who wants the con to only improve each year, I feel it is important for the staff and Jaycon as a whole to hear what others think of it, whether it is what they want to hear (flattering or otherwise) or not...just so they can improve to the best of their abilities ^^

:faint: Life Status: BUSY!

I'm still alive...and terribly busy. Unfortunately, summer didn't prove as relaxing as I thought, but I'm okay with that. I've had 30+ hour work weeks, and I've been making progress in other areas of my life. I hope to post on here soon the earrings I've been making, as well as the various convention pictures I happen to have!

:dance: OTAKON 2013: Recap

I attended Otakon 2013 with a lovely bunch of friends, and lemme just say I think this was one of the best years yet in terms of groups. In the past, I've had a lot of issues with the people we've stayed with…but not this year :)

Cosplays - None

We arrived at the hotel, and though there were a few hiccups (no microwave, flooded fridge), the hotel was excellent in taking care of them. We didn't make it out to the Matsuri before the downpour started, but we had a great time getting to know each other and derping around in the room.

Cosplays - China (military uniform) from Hetalia (day/evening), Westernization!Japan from Hetalia (night)

We woke up super early to try to make it to a panel but didn't. Instead, we simply derped around until the Hetalia photoshoot at noon, where I went as China (for ID sake, I was the one with the Shinatty-chan doll). A few highlights from that shoot include being one of the few Chinas, and the last shot (IggyChu) which deteriorated into an odd reenactment of the Opium Wars. Whoever was the England and other China, you guys seriously made me crack up during that shoot. Also the France and Russia, but I know you both~

Another major highlight happened much later, when the one and only Hong Kong in the shoot told both myself and France we were the best China and France! *squeals* >w<

After that, I ran around, trying to figure out what was happening in the Ask a Nation Panel that night, and then just spent some time eating, recovering, and getting ready for said panel.


I was (naturally) the China in it, and let me just tell you guys. 1) I had been UTTERLY NERVOUS about it leading up to it. I have NEVER played as China…anywhere but in theory (aka, like twice or so on paper or informal RPing), so being asked to play him in front of HUNDREDS of people was just a LIIIIITTLE nerve-wracking. 2) I know very well where the lines are for characters I play often…so I feared crossing a very distinct line between insensitivity and humor.

BUT NONE OF THOSE TWO FEARS HAPPENED! I had an amazing time, and I was told after by several people I made an amazing China, should RP as him on Tumblr, etcetc…and all of these things just made me super happy. We had whiteboard shenanigans in our corner, and I even got asked a few epic questions! >w<

After that, we ran back to the hotel to get changed to go to Lounge 21, Otakon's swing lounge. I was Westernization!Japan…a closet cosplay consisting of suspenders and a slim black tie over a white dress shirt (with black slacks/shoes/socks)…in order to match my other half's gentleman!England. We apparently impressed the bartender with our costumes, and we had a good time swing dancing (or attempting) and sitting and talking/spending time together, just the two of us. ^_^

Cosplays - North Italy from Hetalia (day/evening), hipster!China from Hetalia (night)

We woke up early with the full intention of attending yet another panel…but due to exhaustion and me not feeling super well, we ended up skipping and staying in the room. The extra sleep helped a little, but my voice was shot for the rest of the con. I considered swapping into my Japan costume, but decided being Italy would give me good energy for the day. I probably SHOULD have swapped though, since when we arrived at the 2nd Hetalia Photoshoot, not a single Japan showed up :(

Still, I had an awesome time as Italy. I got a really nice Germany to pick me up during the GerIta photos, and I was the only Italy who jumped in the England/Italy photo. I swear, that rare-pair just…when you see not a single other portion of the pair get up to go, it just makes me sad inside. I thought at first it was one of those 'I'm-suggesting-so-my-significant-other-can-have-a-picture-with-me' situations…but when no one else went up I just had to go. The Englands on the other side of us were having fun with each other (it was amusing), but the England who ended up hugging me (so sweet >w<) seemed really happy ^_^

After the shoot, we ended up plopping and talking to a few people we met there for a long time. I ran into a few more people who knew me, because they recognized me as Italy (but not as China XD). We eventually made our way down to the Dealer's Room, but we didn't stay all that long. My other half and I retreated to the hotel room, where we sort of just stressed out and melted a little. We did recover though, and decided to change into our night costumes before trying to go out to eat in order to spend some time together.

My hipster!China cosplay consisted of Airwalks (in interesting colors), teal skinny jeans, a Hello Kitty shirt, hipster glasses, and of course, a red hat with a star (styled awesomely by my other half). We went to Noodles and Company before wandering back to the convention center. We ended up meeting with a few other Hetalia people and just derping around for awhile before heading back to the hotel to sleep.

Cosplay - black military uniform Japan from Hetalia

We got up fairly early, packed, and made our first and second trips to the car without running into the heaviest crowds of congoers. Somewhere in there, we changed into our final costumes. We hit the Artists Alley, and both myself and my other half stocked up on swag. We both got a few buttons (she, several), as well as the last two grab bags from a table. I also bought a Hetalia wallscroll, and got some things for my sister (who couldn't come to the con this year).

In the end, we ended up simply sitting and relaxing until the con ended. Neither one of us were feeling like doing much, and in the end there really wasn't much to do. We did get to talk to the Greece we met again (and get a couple of photos), and once the con center started clearing out, we left to go back to our cars.

We ended the weekend with a trip to The Cheesecake Factory, which was the most amazing thing ever…and we want to do it again…mmh. But after that, there's not much more to tell. I got to spend my last few days with my other half, and it was amazing and perfect and so many other things I can't really say at this moment.

If you met either one of us, or saw me, or anything…feel free to message me. If you have pictures too, lemme know! My hope (though it diminishes slightly day by day) is that someone videotaped the Ask a Nation panel O.o BUT THIS IS GETTING LONG SO IF YOU WANT ANY MORE LEAVE AN ASK OR A FANMAIL AND WE'LL TALK MKAY? <3

*scurries off to possibly be productive now*

:| Off to Life, Once More

Well, I must be off. Posts have piled up! I hope everyone else is doing well!

Until next time, stay lovely everyone~! :heart:

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Name(s): My pen name is Rune Quicksilver. However, I also go by many other names~

:bulletred: I RP/admin as Japan on The Worlds Collide - a Hetalia AU RP site
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(I also RP over AIM and MSN as anyone...feel free to use that info to find me :D)

Favourite genre of music: Almost anything...suggest stuff and I listen
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MP3 player of choice: My Zune...though I loved my Gigabeat best!
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Wallpaper of choice: The kind that looks like a door XD
Skin of choice: The kind that *whispers the rest so she doesn't go to iPrison*
Personal Quote: "I am not dressing up in Near cosplay just to kiss people's boo-boos"

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