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Would you like me to draw you a picture?

A quick sketch for my lovely friend Linda’s birthday! 8D She's one of the two people I know who ship this with me, SO THERE

i’m sort of obsessed with peterstiles, so sue me
also, why yes, that is peter’s knee between stiles's legs.

Tumblr version.
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bloody hot and it is funny my name is also linda LOL
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omg and this one too?
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It makes me indescribably happy to see fanart of this pairing. Don't get me wrong, I dig Sterek, but I live the idea of Stiles with Peter so, soooo much more. As for your art: LOVE it, please do more. ;~;


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:heart: Ahh, thank you so much! I'll try! X3 Yeah, this pairing just...does things to me 8'D Happy things
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For me too. Unfortunately I can't draw as well, and though it's not for trying, all my attempts lately have been incredibly....poor. ;~; SO, PLEASE DO MOAR. <3
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You might have just drawn this up out of no where for a friend rather fast but this is tasteful .
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Fuck, that is hot beyond words.
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Why, thank you very much~:heart: 
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Omg so hot!!! Can I put this as my avatar?!? This is so HOT!!


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Sure! :D and thank you, sweetheart :heart:
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And Stiles does not look all too willing to have Peter that close to his jugular....
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I wouldn't be!

...or would I?
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lmao right I don't want something that sharp that close.
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Oh My GOD, this is amazing!!! :O
Seriously, I don't know what to say, it's just so freaking great! * A *

... and it comes with a list of fanfictions in the commentsADSASFGH-
it's perfect :icontuzkiflailplz: gosh
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Aww, thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! :heart: :hug: Enjoy the fics! :D
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I definitly will x)
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OMG >////< god i love this pair....
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HAHA I do too! :heart:
Oh my. So very hot. Nggggh...
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:heart: They are~ Are you excited for Season 3? Apparently there's going to be more scenes with them 8DDD
I am so stoked for season 3! You know I didn't even notice it, but when I was searching the Peter Hale tag on tumblr, a lot of people were pointing out that Peter was not in the official trailer. I hope Peter/Ian has a decent amount of air time. I adore him. I hope you are so right about Stiles and Peter having some more interactions.

I would love for them to address the fact that Stiles is the ONLY person who was given a choice by Peter in season 1 and left mostly unharmed.

Will you be doing more Peter/Stiles art?
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