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Knit Princess Contest Entry

By RunawayKid
: D Here is my entry for :iconmellowstrawberry:'s contest. The characters are from her (and another person's) webcomic.

Hopefully it's good enough. 8'3 It was pretty rushed since I was busy. v_v Stupid work. I'd rather slack at home. :(

It's also pretty obvious that I know nothing about knitting. :( I don't even know if you can create a pattern like that with multicoloured string. And the bits are the needles are cleverly concealed so you can't see wtf she's doing 8D
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The expressions on this are totally awesome ^^ Well done, RK!
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:3333 :glomp: THANK YOU! >w<
sneakersthedog's avatar
ahh the mouse kamikaze from cupboard DD:
love her expressionz! she's like channeling your thoughts of "gah! stupid knitting!" xDD

that's a good kitty
RunawayKid's avatar
HAHA yeah!

:glomp: XDXD aw, thanks. I pride myself on expressions. :'3

Kitty is grumpy though. BUT it will get a kittysock :'D
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haha, this is adorable. I love all the facial expressions. Thanks for entering!
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KITTY. i like the cat, it's like wtf am i doing here?
love the shading on the girl (princess?) face. and the cat's expression is of couse ftw.
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(LAFF) Thanks! :hug: The cat's always grumpy/lazy in the comic. XDXD
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