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The Gypsies and the Fairy Queen
 In the rolling greens of forest long gone, there was a tale told through the dancing of gypsies that spread as they traveled the land. A story told of how their kin had dueled with the Fairy Queen. The tale begins on a summer’s night, with a caravan set to camp in a clearing of a great forest. Among this small band of gypsies, was a blood bound family of four. A mother with hair that resembled water on a dark night and eyes to mirror them in the day. A father with skin hardened and tanned to match the roads they traveled and a build that spoke volumes of his nimbleness. And a brother and sister whose likeness to their parents was nearly as clear as to each other.
 The young twins were just 14, and had loved their lives as ever traveling performers for all their years. The elder brother, named Aiden for his fiery behavior from birth, was a competitive violinist who had put many a grown man to shame in his travels with his enchanting talent. His music would draw the ears
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How Do I Prove I'm Not To Blame
Can you hear me cry your name?
Shunned in the dark, alone I stay,
How do I prove I’m not to blame?
You show contempt toward what I do,
Ill still seek you, come what may,
Can you hear me cry your name?
Though I swear my actions true,
You’ll still fight to push me away,
How do I prove I’m not to blame?
Can’t you see my love for you?
I so miss the times we’d play,
Can you hear me cry your name?
I have taken all you threw,
I’ll still smile day by day,
How do I prove I’m not to blame?
I’ll come back each day like new,
Please don’t leave me, this I pray,
Can you hear me cry your name?
How do I prove I’m not to blame?
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Rise of The Brave Tangled Avenger Dragons by RunawayComics Rise of The Brave Tangled Avenger Dragons :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 7 0
A Letter to My Guardians
                                       My Dear Guardians,
  As the years quickly speed by I fear my once strong grip on you all is slipping away. And so it is with a heavy heart, I write to you all these last words, they will never truly express the depth of my love and gratitude for you, but will have to do.
                                          Dear Santa,
  Thank you; honestly, for every year you gave gifts to me and my sister. Every tiny stuffed cat to doll house will be remembered fondly, but not as much as the wonder that filled me with every Christmas season. I hope I will still warm myself by the lights in the trees, and feel the magic in the air. Even if I no longer hear the bells approach my home in the dead of night, even if I never bake you another cookie, I
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The Prince of Cybertron (Character Recast) by RunawayComics The Prince of Cybertron (Character Recast) :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 9 2 To Hearten Us by RunawayComics To Hearten Us :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 3 0 To Rebuild Us by RunawayComics To Rebuild Us :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 2 3 Character Influence Meme!!! by RunawayComics Character Influence Meme!!! :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 5 0 To Unite Us by RunawayComics To Unite Us :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 7 6 Gaza, Guide of the Orenda forest by RunawayComics Gaza, Guide of the Orenda forest :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 1 0 Servius by RunawayComics Servius :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 1 0 River by RunawayComics River :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 1 0 Cenric, Knight of Minervia, Mage of Orenda by RunawayComics Cenric, Knight of Minervia, Mage of Orenda :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 2 0 Kiera the Dragon Princess by RunawayComics Kiera the Dragon Princess :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 2 0 My Top 10 Favorite Couples by RunawayComics My Top 10 Favorite Couples :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 17 6 Letting you go by RunawayComics Letting you go :iconrunawaycomics:RunawayComics 1 0


DF: Decepticon High Command by JazzTheTiger
Mature content
DF: Decepticon High Command :iconjazzthetiger:JazzTheTiger 127 23
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I Wish For Horrible Things (Scriddler)
I wish for horrible things since I met him.
Not that I wasn’t familiar with wishing for horrible things before. My childhood gave more than just the right amount of sorrowful experciences to exhilarate my imagination with fantasies, built upon horror and cruelty. Nevertheless, this is different. It’s far more… concerning.
It might be the way he crawles upon my chest - cheek pressed into skin, eyes shut and mouth hanging loose. It is illogical how he dares to cling tight onto someone who would break his rips open just to see the quivering heartbeat underneath. There are safer individuals to tend to. Yet he chose me. He chooses me for months.
We know each other. Maybe we know too well. He knows what I’m capable of, or, at least, might be. I know he talks in his sleep and when he mumbles ‘Fuck off’ and lashes out, it’s not me he curses, not me he aims at. His nails dig deep enough in my waist to betray his tongue.
I lift my arm, touch his hair del
:iconplutara:Plutara 7 5

1) How long have you been on DeviantArt?
wow, 3 years now.

2) What does your username mean?
When I first started I was working on developing a comic for these characters I called the Runaways. I don't work with them anymore, but I kept the name.

3) Describe yourself in three words.
Optimistic, Open-minded, Idealist.

4) Are you left or right handed?
Right :)

5) What was your first deviation?
My first Deviation was a digital wideshot of the four lead female runaway characters

6) What is your favorite type of art to create?
I prefer traditional Pencil (which is why I don't post much) I have more connection and control over the piece that way.

7) If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I would love for my computer classes to go somewhere, or painting, Maybe both.

8) What was your first favorite?
I believe it was a piece of AtLA Fanart

9) What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?
Fanart. it's in abundance and diverse.

10) Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?
that I can't answer since periods of appreciation rise and fall. Some of my constant Favorites though are R2ninjaturtle, 1JoyDreamer, 10yrsy, and (if she ever returns) Canadian-Rainwater,

11) If you could meet anyone on Deviant Art in person, who would it be?
hard. I think it would be nice to meet anyone. the community is like my school, everyone has enough of the same interests to make socializing easy.

12) How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
I found this sight through friends who soon became fellow deviants. and they're pushing me is what gave me courage to persue art as a career.

13) What are your preferred tools to create art?
a pen, paper, and color pencils :)

14) What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
my school, and my bedroom.

15) What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?
I suppose...anytime my art has been recognized.

  • Listening to: Jazz
  • Watching: Avengers
  • Eating: Choclates
  • Drinking: Dr.Pepper


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Call me Crazy :D
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iv always loved to draw and i have gotten really good in recent years. so when i found this website and how big it is to artist of every kind, how can i NOT sighn up!!!!! :D


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